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  1. Hi Winter, the Sarca Excel no 4 fits my boat perfectly okay. I now have 20 meters of chain and 50 meters 14mm new rope. Hi Winter, here’s the photo of my Sarca Excel no 3 on the bow of my boat. I was assured that I didn’t need to go up in size to the 4 so I’m hoping that with 20 meters of chain and now 50 metres of 14mm rope I can relax at night if the wind picks up.
  2. Sure, I'll send you a photo when next at the boat. Cheers. Whats the name of your Beale?
  3. Thanks giswaterboy, I went in and was recommended the Sarca Excel size 3 which I purchased. I was presently surprised by the price. It weighs pretty much the same as my CQR (30lb) and really looks the part. I lifted it out of my car and rested on the footpath and went to get a trolley but by the time I came back it had buried itself into the concrete!
  4. Thanks for the advice guys, it looks like a Sarca excel No 4 will let me sleep easy. I have 20 meters of chain and 40 meters rode. I’ve heard other boaties recommend the Sarca Excel so I’ll probably go with that. Now, anyone doing cheap deals?
  5. Looking to replace my 30lb CQR Plough anchor on my Beale 33'. Leaning towards a 35Lb Manson Supreme / 15Kg Super Sarca / Rocna 15Kg. Any suggestions appreciated.
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