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  1. Thank you all for your comments. I'll have a go with a small tube + cable tie loop, but I think my chances are slim. The dipstick fell through a vertical inlet pipe probably 200mm long so I think I'll only manage to reach the area of the tank directly below the deck filler. The tank is stuck behind the engine so I'm pretty sure the engine needs to be taken out to access the tank. But reading some of your comments I might just leave the dipstick there and only consider taking the tank out if I ever have to do major works on the engine or replace it - hopefully never! I'll definit
  2. So today was my first day on my new Raven 31 boat and I did something very stupid. As I was figuring out how things were working on the boat I dropped a wooden dipstick in the fuel tank. I don’t think there is any way to fish it out through that small hole, so my plan is to leave it there for the next few weeks and then in January, when I have a haul out scheduled for an anti foul, get someone to take the tank out and hopefully extract the dipstick. I’m afraid this is not going to be a cheap exercise as I think you need to get the engine out before you can get the tank out. I’m thinking i
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