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  1. I'm looking for a relocation skipper to move Taihoa from Tauranga to Wellington for me. Taihoa is a capable vessel, I have owned her about 5 years. I put a new Beta 50 in her about 4 years ago and it only has 500 hours on it. It has been fully serviced a few weeks ago and has spares on board. She is tidy and comfortable. I would need to hire a liferaft for her for a journey like this, but otherwise I have been doing coastal sails to and from the bay of islands most summers and to the best of my knowledge she is fully functional, safe and would easily handle a voyage like this. She has app
  2. Ha. Yeah, I met the builder in the Bay of Islands. He very slowly paddle boarded around the boat and then came over a said that he had built her. She was one of the first rolled steel boats that McMullin and Wing had built and went well over time and over budget. The decks are all glass over ply now and sound as. No leaks!
  3. I think her name was Taku hoa back in the day. Was your father the guy that had her built? I heard he imported fitted sheets or something?
  4. Hi Paul, Very flexible on dates. I really just wanted her down before April. What would you charge for a trip like this?
  5. Anyone in Wellington who does boat relocations? I’m looking for someone to bring my Mummery 37’ from Tauranga to Wellington sometime over the next two months. She is a capable boat and I have spent summer sailing her around the upper north island, but I have a young family and don’t want to do the coastal trip.
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