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  1. Hi John, I'd be keen depending on how big a commitment you need I have some sailing experience and active crew at CGNZ. I really keen to do some sailing trips to scratch the itch. Not sure if I make the cut for older age groups cause I feel 30 I am in Kapiti, send me a PM if you want to chat.
  2. Any idea of cost for redoing the rigging on a 30ish foot boat?
  3. Haha yes that was the one I love those little boats. Thank you I did not realize there were more than one page of replies
  4. Hi there, My 5 year plan is to buy a small keeler. Looking at something like 32 cavalier / 30 chico etc. Hoping for 20-25k and I'd prefer GRP. I want to do short sails to get the family hooked and would probably consider longer shorthanded sails offshore. I am fairly handy and can do most small maintenance a boat might need including non structural fibreglass, carpentry, plumbing and electrical work. So a fixer upper is probably the way as long as the boat is sound. I almost fast tracked the plan this week and stopped just short of winning an auction on TradeMe. This made me th
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