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  1. A friend of mine has a berth in Denmark.. same situation, they have ice flows in winter. He takes his home for the winter, and keeps his 30ft keeler in his backyard. Costs $1200 a year for the berth.. bloody cold = less boats = less demand = cheaper marina !
  2. Catalina 7 ? They were designed for coastal races.. lot cheaper than a Noelex too...
  3. Mx Mariner doesn't use vector maps. Lots of detail lost, Navionics is loads better..
  4. I bought a shurflow 3 Lpm self priming pump a few years ago, for my campervan shower, thats approx the same flow rate as those 12v electric shower head things you can buy all over the place. They are a bit noisy when you turn them on though. Try Smartmarine, this looks like the same one I had...http://www.smartmarine.co.nz/products/plumbing/12-24v-pressure-pumps/55334/3-8lpm-12v-auto-marine-rv-fresh-water-pressure-pum/details/
  5. Navionics charts on a tablet with GPS works for me, did a weeks sailing, without bumping into anything
  6. Buy a trailer sailer, that's what they are for
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    Cold beer

    thermoelectrics draw minimum of 6 amps when on. AS soon as you turn them off, the heat you extracted can get drawn back in by the heatsink. They are toys.. even the Waeco brand ones. CF-Waeco's can use 3 amps initially when going continously when cooling down, but once at temperature, the thermostat controls when it turns on. hence the average use of under 1 ah/h ... I had a Cf19, which overnight would only turn on maybe 2 or 3 times a night for half an hour.. at 3 degrees..!
  8. I'll try and make it there with my Farr 6000... once my trailer is ready to go.. hope a few Farrs come across from Tauranga too, I think there is a fleet there..
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