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  1. DD3

    Trailer Winches

    Thanks for the feedback! Yes, it is on a timber plank, so it sounds very sensible to replace with a lower friction option; I don't fancy being dramatically wounded by a winching failure.
  2. DD3

    Trailer Winches

    Hi all, I recently purchased a Bonito Aquarius 22, which seems lovely to sail, but a bit recalcitrant to mount its trailer. There are no rollers; it just sits on its keel and even with the trailer extension, needs some persuasion to get it on. I don't fancy giving my car much of a dunk to get the trailer deeper. The winch didn't seem to have the muscle to pull it all the way to the stops the other day and eventually under load the handle began to turn without the winch mechanism moving (but it holds the strap securely). Is there any chance the winch isn't buggered? I haven't had
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