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  1. Cool, thanks for the good info. I was confused about the dual vs single helm ... as all the Merrythought boats i saw were single helmed ... didnt know the owner name, good to know. Would be keen for a look onboard / below. I read something on the Admirals Cup as well i think .... thanks for the info
  2. Great thanks - yup thats the same one. Seems to be a German Frers 50 something called "Merry Thought" ?
  3. Interesting, i hadnt noticed that but definitely seems so ...
  4. Great, thanks a lot, yeah I'd imagine it is (the same one), its pretty distinct. Looks like it had some signwriting removed from the topsides ... so evidently might have been something interesting at one stage.
  5. Hi there, I was wondering whether anyone could id / knows what this boat is? Currently moored on the Chelsea side in the upper harbour channel? Looks like an old offshore racer of some sort? Seen last Saturday last. Thanks!
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