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  1. Agreeing here with all said above - All forums are dying, killed by Facebook and Reddit which are both designed to keep users within their enclaves.

    Even Google is struggling as their search results are filled with useless Search Engine Optimized commercial results and increasing volumes of bot-written content. Using google to search within reddit is sadly now one of the best bets out there.

    There's now this weird gap in the "internet knowledge archives" where forums started to die and info for more recent equipment or systems is actually very, very hard to find. There's also old forums going offline and all that knowledge being lost forever.

    Nowadays, a lot of the youngest users out there are relying heavily on Youtube (and tiktok!) for info, which is absolutely staggering given how poor 95% of Youtube guides are, how there's no way for accurate content to filter to the top, and no way to reliably seach and locate specific details.

    Further, I've noticed an emerging trend now for people to just post their easy to search, simple (or inane) questions on reddit first without googling, and upon finding the answer is more than 2 steps, 20 words, or not to their liking, then asking for a youtube video on it.

    I'm worried we peaked somewhere around 2016....

    The future is going to be even more interesting as AI starts to answer users search questions by trawling the internet and repeating bad info, scraped from sites written by AI bots all repeating search terms to generate site traffic....

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  2. On 11/04/2023 at 10:16 PM, Strong Persuader said:

    Yacht was at secure anchor in Pohutukawa Bay, Rakino when struck by extreme weather event at around 2040hrs 9/4. Dragged rapidly onto South Island in very high winds and sea.

    Oh wow good to have the clarification that the vessel was at anchor, rather than a mooring. I had suspected the usual poor reporting had got that detail wrong....

    Feeling a bit more justified in leaving our anchor at Station Bay and heading back to the marina before the winds picked up that afternoon.

  3. On 12/04/2023 at 9:46 AM, Ed said:

    A big part of the issue was the local board was responsible for setting the haul out rates, but hadnt updated them for years, hence the yard was very cheap to use, but struggled to cover its costs.

    Nobody is objecting to a price hike to bring it in line with other commerical operations


    On 12/04/2023 at 9:52 AM, waikiore said:

    Really I thought it was the operator who set the rates for haul and launch

    FYI the same Orakei local board had voted against raising their rates a few years previously.

    Also, from what I heard, The Landing was actually returning "non rates revenue" to the council so it wasn't actually a drain on public coffers (and therefore a closure is NOT in the interest of improving the council's fiscal outlook)

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    1 hour ago, ex Elly said:

    I note that this occurred around the same time as the tornado hit Howick

    Nowcasting at Tiritiri Matangi was reporting 45 knots northerly around that time so I'd expect that to be the same at Rakino.

  5. Everything is out of the boat and the cabin airing out, but I don't have the power to run a dehumidifier or anything like that. Fibreglass hull and (so far) fresh water only so some positives there I guess?

    Current plan is a dozen damp-rids and leave the 12v fan running overnight when I can't have her open, and even then I'll set the hatches to allow a draft.

    Theres wet timber all around the base of the cabinetry, the floor boards are in the cockpit for now, sails have gone to a loft to dry out and the carpet probably was due for replacement anyway I guess.

    Any advice from some saltier sailors than myself? Maybe some impossibly low power dehumidifier magic?


    Asking for a friend of course.....


  6. I believe they're bringing back parental visas but best to come over together and do the partner visa.

    Been through the partner thing and they absolutely despise any time spent apart regardless of situation.

    It's a pretty invasive process overall.

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  7. Yeah I was really glad to see we've dodged this bullet again. Between my outboards, motorbikes and farm equipment biofuels are all bad news.

    And more importantly, all evidence suggests that biofuels have been a net emitter of carbon rather than a reduction in emissions so in practice its only making the climate worse. 

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  8. 7 hours ago, Zozza said:

    For the Solbian solar panels on the pilothouse, I requested the option of the junction box under the panel.
    The skinny panels on the side deck, made by an outfit in Sweden called Sunbeam, the junction box comes underneath as a matter of course.

    Be aware - non chinese panels like I have are not cheap.  I spent over $3K+ on the panels all up

    oh, so the junction box is set into the cabintop then? pretty serious setup!

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  9. ideally you should have a boatbuilder complete a survey and they can tell you a lot of the imprtant stuff - you're going to need that for insurance and without insurance you can't get back on the hardstand, and you need to be on the hardstand to have a survey done......

    also, the cheaper the boat usually means the more expensive to fix.....

  10. How did you mount those solar panel so flush with the deck? Everything like that I see has a big junction box stuck to the back of it which doesn't suit flush wiring like that...

    Keen to know as fitting more solar to my little 25ft Tracker has proved very difficult.

  11. Parking was pretty full around U and X pier, with a lot of gaps in the berths on U pier, but they all seem to have returned with the change in the weather.

    Of course, the demographic is changing a bit too with the poles being cleared out in favour of a lesser number of larger boats.

  12. On 21/12/2022 at 6:48 PM, Terry B said:

    I might be wrong (it has happened) however these decisions on closing/retaining boating facilities seem to be taken on an individual and ad hoc basis.

    From what I've read, the council has actually refused to make a marine plan in light of these issues rearing up (before covid).....

    But, of course, Panuku does seem very determined for some select developments to go ahead..... https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/116638559/why-is-auckland-council-so-eager-to-sell-prime-waterfront-real-estate-to-a-millionaire-developer

  13. 3 hours ago, ex Elly said:

    Orams has just spent $140 million, and is now set for the next 100 years, according to this video:



    Orams is dreaming if they think they are going to be immune to reverse sensitivity in there with all the new high density housing going in. Give it 10-20 years and they'll all be getting shut down under onerous requirements being imposed on them.

    Pier21 was just a soft target that the developers have already picked off.

  14. Sail Nelson does 5 day live-aboard skipper courses you could look into, but it sounds like you need to buy a smaller yacht and re-learn how to sail - maybe take the plunge and buy a trailer sailer or 7-10m keeler? (There's a few good trailers out there and you might pay more up front but save it in mooring costs and antifoul.)

    In my own experience I've found that sailing solo is a big combination of experience, familiarity with the vessel, and having the correct setup for single handed sailing. That, and a calm resolution when things go horribly wrong!

    It wasn't until recently I was crewing/teaching a mate on their boat that I realised just how convenient, enjoyable and safe it is to have all lines led back to the cockpit. I guess I'd always been spoiled with generous length sheets, good winches, familiarity with what sails work will in what wind, ideal traveler positions, etc etc. Even if you don't plan on sailing solo, it's well worth having the boat and rig set up for it.

  15. 4 hours ago, Adrianp said:

    So no decisions made but hopefully the AYBA have scared the board enough to trigger a proper round of consultation and the yard can be saved through that. 

    I dunno, but from the questions asked and the discussion on the actions it seemed the Chair had no interest in reviewing the decision and seems to think they shouldn't be responsible for "providing a haulout service". By the end of that it seemed they dropped the note to look into any legal exposure and nothing confirmed they would postpone closure from the current date.

    Also very illuminating to see the two groups who want the hardstand gone, and it explains the loss/relocation of dinghy racks too. They just want their own dedicated space to run their organization and to hell with the consequences.

    Very frustrating to have them spouting provable falsehoods and misrepresentations too. Some very careful choices in words and anecdotes from both of them. The reality is that the Landing is not a "commercial operator", it's a facility owned by council and the operations are contracted out. It returns revenue to council (despite the implications that it was freeloading), and if there are any environmental malmanagement issues then those are the responsibility of the bloody council to manage their facility!

  16. On 25/10/2022 at 12:06 PM, ex Elly said:

    Cookes have 50% off Fineline ropes. So head out to East Tamaki, or shop online.

    Don't head out there - the sale is online orders only.

    Just wasted 2.5 hours and far more petrol than I'd like to admit finding that one out.

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  17. 50 minutes ago, ex Elly said:

    For example a bowline in polyester could reduce the rope strength by 30%, but in dyneema may reduce strength by 50%.

    But given the Dyneema is stronger to begin with, then end strength is about the same isn't it?

    My halyards are sized for comfort in the hand well above load, so is there much advantage to using Dyneema over polyester? Doesn't it have less stretch to it?

  18. 14 hours ago, MartinRF said:

    I use a bowline knot for my jib halyard since 2+ decades.

    For spi I want something with a swivel so not knotted.

    Good to know.  On my foredeck I have the quick release pin thingys with swivel built into them... not having to to cut these off and take them to be spliced onto the new halyards is one of the attractions of knotting everything.

    14 hours ago, eruptn said:

    I asked a rigger that just a couple of weeks an he said 'use knots'.

    Well I won't argue with that!

    12 hours ago, CarpeDiem said:

    We put a 2m sacrificial dyneema sleeve on our halyards when we find chafe, very easy to shorten and resplice.

    I've found that once the dyneema tip is on, the chafing ceases to be a problem. Infact ironically I have never needed to resplice one... 

    well... my chafing issue on the spin halyard is also the "where did the masthead light go?" issue so maybe I need to think more about where the rigging lies first...

  19. 14 hours ago, Island Time said:

    Volts are not a good indication of state of charge, unless the battery has been at rest (no charge or discharge) for 10 hours. That is unrealistic.


    I'd they're good enough provided you know what the number means for your battery and it's limitations.


    With the way things are going, I'd assume everything to be bluetooth before much longer and just keep a cheap tablet onboard.

  20. Hi Crew, Looking to pick your collective brains a bit:

    On my wee (25ft) Tracker 7.7 there is some damage on the cover of my main halyard, spin halyard is totally stuffed and the jib halyard and topping lift are at least 15 years old and looking sad. All are 8 or 10mm Dyneema and seeing as there's a sale on I'm planning to replace the lot.

    All the damage and failures are from chafing or rubbing on the same spots over the years, so my thinking is if I used a knot instead of a splice, I could shorten the halyards and re-knot them every year or so to prevent damage on one spot ruining the whole length.

    They are all currently spliced with a metal eye, which looks nice, but is it really necessary in my case? Looking online, for those with smaller boats like mine, a lot of people are using some version of a "halyard hitch" instead of mucking around splicing old ropes. 

    Does anyone know the ins and outs of this? I'm thinking of using the above knot, possibly with the metal eyes. Given the ropes are sized for comfort well above any actual load I don't believe this would be an issue, but hey maybe you guys have some ideas.


  21. 14 hours ago, Romany said:

    A momentary thread drift, but Western Springs Speedway, now Okahu Bay haulout.

    There was also the mt wellington go kart track, in an industrial area with no complaints, which had multiple clubs using it. Panuku were hell bent on letting the neighbouring container yard park containers on it. 5 years later and we're still waiting for the new track we were promised over by the airport.

    Panuku have also been on a mission slowly eroding all the marine industry at hobsonville and wynyard quarter, "activating" the "waterfront" at westhaven to the detriment of marina users, and seem to be very committed to allowing luxury apartments to be built on the boat ramp and marina car park at Bayswater. Pier21 was sold to a developer who immediately shut down the yard there, and it's only a matter of time before reverse sensitivity and rapidly deteriorating vehicle access force the rest of the big operators there to close via nimbys, impossible resource consent conditions and re-zoning.

    Meanwhile, in between planning meetings for apartments on reclaimed land (on which a developer will make millions while the ratepayer and marina trusts are shortchanged), the crosshairs are squarely set on little shoal bay, under the guise of climate change adaptation.... apparently we can build apartments at sea level, but need to rethink hardstands and boat facilities in the face of sea level rise....


    I'm pretty frustrated with this, as you might be able to tell.

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  22. 3 hours ago, Psyche said:

    To be fair to the residents of Paritai Dr. no one wants a boatyard next door, and if the opportunity came up to get rid of one I'll bet 99% of non-boaties would vote gone

    Well that's why we are meant to have a robust process to prevent someone from moving in next to a regional asset and ruining it for everyone else....

    At the rate Auckland is going all we're going to have left is walking around your local neighborhood and wondering where all the young and capable people went.

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