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  1. motorb

    Pier 21

    Sounds like Orams is going to have a lot of issues with reverse sensitivity in the very near future. The whole concept of high end apartments and retirement villages alongside heavy marine industrial sites is just ridiculous. Auckland Council is steadily dismantling the Auckland Marine industry and making no efforts to safeguard it or provide any alternative sites. Just like the nonsense idea of shutting down the port, only property developers are benefitting from this while aucklanders are paying the price, and places to work and earn good money continue to move offshore.
  2. Just an update on this topic: I'm still at Westhaven, and as of this morning, I'm the third boat (that I know of) in the last 12 months to have a rotten mooring pole snap off. Westhaven aren't 100% sure where to put me, as they dont know which poles are sound or not. Further updates to be made once this is resolved, but long term plan is to go on the Weiti waitlist, and see whether I get a mooring before I eventually give up and sell. At the very least I'll need to be using their hardstand given the lack of capacity remaining anywhere else so at least the membership fees wont be wast
  3. One would think that the coastguard app could include an anchor watch function..... but that can barely give updated nowcasting data when required so maybe I'm asking too much.
  4. From what I've seen, there's no shortage of boats who don't have any form of anchor lights, either...
  5. Well that was indeed the case which is why the "Zero tolerance" weekends were to such fanfare. Additionally there was a court case over it where a judge ruled in favor of a cheeky defendant, and since then the police have made a statement that such a practice is no longer to be expected. As for cellphones, I've seen zero enforcement from police. Same for red light running, and frankly, traffic enforcement overall has definitely dropped off a bit the last few years.
  6. I'd suggest the poles at Westhaven for the security and insurance etc with less of the cost, but they are trying to kick us out and wont take new bookings. There's some new poles out clevedon way (Brooklands boating club) that are very well priced, but it's tidally limited. Weiti/Stillwater have poles and are very affordable, but theres a years long wait list. But Westhaven insists there isn't demand for poles (while they ramp up the prices and refuse new bookings), but say they have growing demand for (14m+) berths! (willfully ignoring the 2013 plan feedback to provide "afforda
  7. Do we have an outcome from that?
  8. Oh wow good to have the clarification that the vessel was at anchor, rather than a mooring. I had suspected the usual poor reporting had got that detail wrong.... Feeling a bit more justified in leaving our anchor at Station Bay and heading back to the marina before the winds picked up that afternoon.
  9. FYI the same Orakei local board had voted against raising their rates a few years previously. Also, from what I heard, The Landing was actually returning "non rates revenue" to the council so it wasn't actually a drain on public coffers (and therefore a closure is NOT in the interest of improving the council's fiscal outlook)
  10. Nowcasting at Tiritiri Matangi was reporting 45 knots northerly around that time so I'd expect that to be the same at Rakino.
  11. Everything is out of the boat and the cabin airing out, but I don't have the power to run a dehumidifier or anything like that. Fibreglass hull and (so far) fresh water only so some positives there I guess? Current plan is a dozen damp-rids and leave the 12v fan running overnight when I can't have her open, and even then I'll set the hatches to allow a draft. Theres wet timber all around the base of the cabinetry, the floor boards are in the cockpit for now, sails have gone to a loft to dry out and the carpet probably was due for replacement anyway I guess. Any advice from some
  12. Yeah I was really glad to see we've dodged this bullet again. Between my outboards, motorbikes and farm equipment biofuels are all bad news. And more importantly, all evidence suggests that biofuels have been a net emitter of carbon rather than a reduction in emissions so in practice its only making the climate worse.
  13. oh, so the junction box is set into the cabintop then? pretty serious setup!
  14. ideally you should have a boatbuilder complete a survey and they can tell you a lot of the imprtant stuff - you're going to need that for insurance and without insurance you can't get back on the hardstand, and you need to be on the hardstand to have a survey done...... also, the cheaper the boat usually means the more expensive to fix.....
  15. How did you mount those solar panel so flush with the deck? Everything like that I see has a big junction box stuck to the back of it which doesn't suit flush wiring like that... Keen to know as fitting more solar to my little 25ft Tracker has proved very difficult.
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