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  1. Everything is out of the boat and the cabin airing out, but I don't have the power to run a dehumidifier or anything like that. Fibreglass hull and (so far) fresh water only so some positives there I guess? Current plan is a dozen damp-rids and leave the 12v fan running overnight when I can't have her open, and even then I'll set the hatches to allow a draft. Theres wet timber all around the base of the cabinetry, the floor boards are in the cockpit for now, sails have gone to a loft to dry out and the carpet probably was due for replacement anyway I guess. Any advice from some
  2. Yeah I was really glad to see we've dodged this bullet again. Between my outboards, motorbikes and farm equipment biofuels are all bad news. And more importantly, all evidence suggests that biofuels have been a net emitter of carbon rather than a reduction in emissions so in practice its only making the climate worse.
  3. oh, so the junction box is set into the cabintop then? pretty serious setup!
  4. ideally you should have a boatbuilder complete a survey and they can tell you a lot of the imprtant stuff - you're going to need that for insurance and without insurance you can't get back on the hardstand, and you need to be on the hardstand to have a survey done...... also, the cheaper the boat usually means the more expensive to fix.....
  5. How did you mount those solar panel so flush with the deck? Everything like that I see has a big junction box stuck to the back of it which doesn't suit flush wiring like that... Keen to know as fitting more solar to my little 25ft Tracker has proved very difficult.
  6. motorb


    Parking was pretty full around U and X pier, with a lot of gaps in the berths on U pier, but they all seem to have returned with the change in the weather. Of course, the demographic is changing a bit too with the poles being cleared out in favour of a lesser number of larger boats.
  7. From what I've read, the council has actually refused to make a marine plan in light of these issues rearing up (before covid)..... But, of course, Panuku does seem very determined for some select developments to go ahead..... https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/116638559/why-is-auckland-council-so-eager-to-sell-prime-waterfront-real-estate-to-a-millionaire-developer
  8. Orams is dreaming if they think they are going to be immune to reverse sensitivity in there with all the new high density housing going in. Give it 10-20 years and they'll all be getting shut down under onerous requirements being imposed on them. Pier21 was just a soft target that the developers have already picked off.
  9. I'm not sure if my little Tracker is going to be able to lift a Toyota.... the car would weigh as much as the boat does!
  10. Sail Nelson does 5 day live-aboard skipper courses you could look into, but it sounds like you need to buy a smaller yacht and re-learn how to sail - maybe take the plunge and buy a trailer sailer or 7-10m keeler? (There's a few good trailers out there and you might pay more up front but save it in mooring costs and antifoul.) In my own experience I've found that sailing solo is a big combination of experience, familiarity with the vessel, and having the correct setup for single handed sailing. That, and a calm resolution when things go horribly wrong! It wasn't until recently I was
  11. I dunno, but from the questions asked and the discussion on the actions it seemed the Chair had no interest in reviewing the decision and seems to think they shouldn't be responsible for "providing a haulout service". By the end of that it seemed they dropped the note to look into any legal exposure and nothing confirmed they would postpone closure from the current date. Also very illuminating to see the two groups who want the hardstand gone, and it explains the loss/relocation of dinghy racks too. They just want their own dedicated space to run their organization and to hell with the co
  12. Don't head out there - the sale is online orders only. Just wasted 2.5 hours and far more petrol than I'd like to admit finding that one out.
  13. But given the Dyneema is stronger to begin with, then end strength is about the same isn't it? My halyards are sized for comfort in the hand well above load, so is there much advantage to using Dyneema over polyester? Doesn't it have less stretch to it?
  14. Good to know. On my foredeck I have the quick release pin thingys with swivel built into them... not having to to cut these off and take them to be spliced onto the new halyards is one of the attractions of knotting everything. Well I won't argue with that! well... my chafing issue on the spin halyard is also the "where did the masthead light go?" issue so maybe I need to think more about where the rigging lies first...
  15. I'd they're good enough provided you know what the number means for your battery and it's limitations. With the way things are going, I'd assume everything to be bluetooth before much longer and just keep a cheap tablet onboard.
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