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  1. Are there any places that rents out small sailboats like Lasers, RS Feva, etc. around Howick or Pine Harbour area? I've looked at the clubs around here, and they either don't mention anything about hiring them out, or they only hire out Optimists. Would be great if I didn't have to drive up all the way to North Shore to be able to hire out boats.
  2. Thanks for all the comments. To answer some of the questions above, I'm in Auckland, around Howick, so Bucklands Beach and Pine Harbour are relatively close to me. I found a 2-day class in Opua that I think I'd like to give a try with my kids, as it'd be a private session, and we'd get to actually go out on our own with the teacher. The long term goal here would then be to take their followup class that will let us sail on our own for a few days, but I'll probably wait on that course for a bit. I'm also gonna take everyone's advice and take a class that teaches on small boats, as there ar
  3. Hi, I know next to nothing about sailing, but have always loved going out on a keelboat when I've had the chance. In the past, I took a sailing course, and while I learned stuff, I never felt comfortable enough to take a boat out on my own. I crewed a few times, but racing just isn't my thing, so while I enjoyed being on the boat, I mainly wanted to relax, and not worry about racing and such. That was like a decade ago, and now I've forgotten basically everything, and I want to learn things properly this time and make sure that it sticks with me. So my thought is that I would take a
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