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  1. Yeah.Left Friday after work[have a real job now] and got into Kawau Saturday lunch time ,had a 10 knot northerly so wasnt worth pulling up sails.Looking like I might be motoring home Sunday as well.
  2. Another 20 hours of motoring behind me,one day hoping to actually sail the whole way.Boat is hiding in Westhaven and have ordered a SW at 10 to 12 knots for Friday.so you light weights cant get away.
  3. That Girl will be on the start line,if I can get it there this weekend.
  4. Hi Guys.Is there any interest in this year.Would like to bring the mighty D 28 down if theres a decent fleet.
  5. Any body interested in this.Speaking to Ray the other day and hes happy to run us in our own division if we can get six boats together.If there is interest we can choose bay courses or upwind downwind courses,imagine a bunch of single handers sailing down wind in 20 knots on a short run.What do you think.
  6. Hi guys,Haven't heard any chatter about the B J Tyres weekend .I have the boat packed and ready for a cruise down the coast .Who's in ?
  7. Im entered.Representing the D28s.Sailing down the coast tomorrow ,looking like the second reef will be getting a good workout.
  8. I think someone needs to read sailing instructions a bit more carefully.You cant blame the race committee for a couple of bad results.I thought it was a pretty well run weekend and will try to get down again for the Route 66.|I should have put the big one up on Sunday|
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