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  1. Has anyone had good experience with using a fuel catalyst in their yacht or powerboat? This is common practice in the USA and has created some interest here in NZ.
  2. Yep, give me a call and I can discuss jackets with you. We have crotch straps also. Jason 06 8353390
  3. Both have been taken now. But we can still help out with lease or short term loan rafts. Thanks Jason.
  4. 8 Person Raft for Ocean racing. We have available two 8 person rafts packed to MNZ B with 12 month service left on them available if anyone is interested. Short term or for 12mths. Please call me if interested. Jason 021 2443577
  5. Just a quick note. We have our new range of the Ocean Star inflatable life jackets in stock now and for this weekend we are offering freight free across the country and at $85 inc GST they are good buying. visit our online store http://www.tmlsales.com or click on our link floating around the forum page showing- Ocean Star logo, Life raft picture, lady in our jacket. Also these jackets are worn by Matt Watson on the ITM fishing show. Check out the attached photo... Buy online or send me an email and we can do sale over the phone with credit card. jasonr@transportandmarine.co.nz
  6. Have a look at our weekend specials on flare packs. Freight free for this weekend only. Check out www.tmlsales.com or click on the Oceanstar logo around the border of the Forum pages.
  7. Hi everyone We are doing freight free on all our products in our "Online Store" Offer is only for today and tomorrow. http://www.tmlsales.com Look for our ever changing logo floating around the forum page. It is showing Ocean Star Marine, A inflated life raft and one of our inflatable life jackets on a model. You can order and pay online or if you prefer, you can email me and we can take visa over the phone. jasonr@transportandmarine.co.nz Thanks and have a great and safe weekend out on the water.
  8. Hi. Yep, we are just updating our logo to show Transport and Marine
  9. See if you can find our logo/advert floating around the forum pages.
  10. Hi. We can help you as we hire them. Short or long term. Please make contact with me if you are interested. www.tmlsales.com or Jason 021 2443577 Can send it anywhere in NZ. Packed to your needs. Thanks.
  11. I have a nice wooden built Opti for sale. It has a spare main, alloy beach trailer and its in very good condition. Storage cover also. Looking to get around $600 for it. Available to view in Napier. No photos to upload I am sorry. Call me if interested. Jason 021 2443577
  12. HI Jason here from Transport and Marine Ltd. I just want to tell you all that we are going to advertise with Crew.Org our range of marine safety products. We are based in Napier and we also have staff in Tauranga and Auckland who specialise in Marine Safety equipment like Liferafts and gear required for CAT 1 sailings. Look out for our logo's and specials in the coming weeks. Give us a call to discuss your needs. Check us out at http://www.tmlsales.com/339456724 and be sure to check out our "On Line" Store.
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