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  1. Thanks for the comments & advice, much appreciated. Aorewa is definitely triple skinned. Built by the school woodwork teacher in Devonport, (not by the Woolocott family), who (according to his son who inherited her when he died), gave up smoking cigarettes to afford to buy a half pound of copper rivets once a week! He built her well, her hull & decks etc are in excellent condition. Cheers
  2. Question.. I'm removing the varnish off my yacht deck. Yacht is 'Aorewa', a Catherine Anne design Wollocott launched about 1950. She has a modified hull (the builders son said his dad wanted a faster boat). Built in Devonport, all kauri, triple skin. Deck is in excellent condition & looks great varnished but it's very slippery. I'm wondering if there is an oil I could use on the kauri deck so it still looks like a timber deck but is protected & not so slippery? Otherwise I'll paint it with non skid deck paint. Would I seal it first with some sort of sealant? Maybe Everdure?.
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