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  1. Thx guys for all your advises!! I guess that having the boat fully equipped and running electronically from the constructor dock will be interesting... A bit off topic but how difficult it is to find a berth (rental) in AKL? Cheers
  2. Thx black panther! Yes I have to decide the stop but will do as many as possible and stop to Belize almost sure as I know that my friend has family there...so would be difficult to not stop there, taking the Western route. And yes, Biscay is notoriously difficult sometimes and will need a very good planning and window.
  3. Thx a lot!! I fly Cabrinha since their Crossbow 2010 (going fast, long distance) and was on North Rhino before that, since the Rhino 2!! So I have seen a lot of Rhino generations. At the moment I'm only starting to think about sailing the boat from Europe, how to, what kind of preparation needed and equipment etc. So it's really the first pieces at the moment! Also have to find a berth in Auckland... (again, if any advises...). Anyway, the boat can be ready for june 2015 and the constructor doesn't mind keeping it out of the water for a while until I pick it up. So best case scena
  4. Black Panther: Yes of course the auto pilot (NKE in this case), wasn't planing on going without one... I was just thinking if at night, being in calm weather in blue waters allows you to leave the auto pilot in wind mode and radar, rather than taking watches. We will be in cruise mode, not delivery. So no rush at all, we can wait for good weather windows and enjoy our stops. As for the Internet...makes your life easier! When things break you can get relative help for example. Then, I'm an Android Developer (sorry Iphone users^^) so I guess I have a natural tendency to live with
  5. Thanks a lot guys!!! Ok so I'm gonna start planning the stops for the west Route then. Again, if any advises..more than welcome!! The Pogo 12.50 is fast (Class 40 hull and very decent sails area) so hopefully it wouldn't be as long and boring... Also, for those who did sail long distances: What are the little things that you wish you had taken with you because all of the sudden you needed them or would have make your life easier? How to sail at night? Auto pilot or taking watches? Is there any way to get internet by satellite or something? Thx!!
  6. Hi guys!! So, after asking for advises on here a while ago about what kind of new boat to get, I have decided it will be a Pogo 12.50. I got in touch with the guys there in France and they don't have any dealer elsewhere in the World, they only sale from their port, so I have to sail the boat from Europe to NZ. At first, this thought was a bit intimidating but finally got more and more exciting, especially since a friend of mine wants to do the trip too. As far as my experience go, I have never sailed such a long distance. I grew up sailing on a 30 footer in the south of France, wen
  7. Yeah, the interior of the Pogo 1250 isn't as nice as the Elan 400. But I can give up on some interior comfort to gain few knots of speed^^ I guess there is a compromise in between a camping ground interior of a racer and great comfort of a modern cruiser, that's what I'm looking for and so far the Pogo 1250 fits the bill. Then of course, how to get one from France to NZ...that's another story.
  8. Hi Island Time, Yeah I saw the add on the web. Didn't know she was a 1250, as the interior really looks like a racing boat with the absolute minimum. A quick boat is important but a decent living on board capabilities too. But I'm definitely looking at the Pogo boats right now and contacted the dealer in France to find out how do they send their yachts to customers around the world
  9. The Pogo 1250 looks pretty nice and with good performances. I have been on their Website to find a list of dealers selling Pogo but only one is listed in France. Does it mean it has to be purchased and put in a container or something? How "difficult" and costly would that be? Cheers guys
  10. Hi Kestrahl!! Thanks for your reply! In fact I guess I should have precised that its not for racing but just cruising while having fun, that's why I put it in the Cruise Talk category. I have got a look at a Pogo 40 about a month ago, great boat really but built for racing I believe. The inside wasn't really adapted and functional for living on board few weeks. That's why I'm targeting cruiser racer yachts rather than racer
  11. Thanks for your replies guys!! Yes, a Cat is possible but I don't have any experience on them apart F-16 and F-18. I got a look at the Elliott and found the 44 Cruiser Racer pretty interesting!! The Website doesn't tell about the price however... Also got a look at the J-122 and A40RC. On paper, these three yachts are already faster than the Elan 400 but no clues about the $$$ bill.
  12. Hi guys!! I'm glad to finally join this forum I have been reading and searching on various topics for a while! I'm writing to you today to get some advises/opinions as I'm looking to buy my new boat (after years of saving money!). So to make it simple, I'm after a fast boat with good living on board possibilities for cruising. I previously owned a 30ft Mallard 1977 built for many years, got lot of fun and experience but it wasn't fast and...well, we all decide to upgrade at some point don't we? Being from Europe, the two obvious candidates for me are the Beneteau First 40 and th
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