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  1. Hey guys I'm looking for a unit for under 1K for depth and speed. any recommended units, finding it hard to find something cheers
  2. Yes had it surveyed an it’s the prop 2 blade folding not geared. looking at a flexifold 3 blade
  3. Haven’t tried reverse yet
  4. Being surveyed Thursday, so hopefully it’s an easy fix
  5. No under sail is fine. Only when motor is moving forward.
  6. It’s pulls hard to port at about 4-5 knots it’s a carpenter 29 and a sole14 hp not sure on the gear box and is shaft drive.
  7. It’s pulls hard to port at about 4-5 knots
  8. Would anyone know why this Yacht pulls to the left only under motor?
  9. Thanks for all the reply's, yes kids are 7 and 9 but cant wait to get aboard an learn, as well as myself lol. Think ill look at the Carpenter 29 as mentioned looks like a nice Yacht.
  10. Hi needing some advice on what type of Yacht to be looking for. Waiting something capable of reaching the barrier safely with kids aboard. Weekend cruising ideally 30ft plus. I’ve looked at an H28 was told they are very slow. Chico 30 (full of rot). Any advice appreciated
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