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  1. There are details of a self steering system on the H28 Association website that may be helpful https://h28.org.nz/2018/07/14/self-steering/
  2. We are thinking about replacing our very old and saggy baggy mainsail for our H28. I would like to get a modern loose foot, fully battened sail, maybe just two reefing points Our sailing is mainly in the Hauraki Gulf with a little bit of coastal. What are the key things I should consider when comparing different quotes from the sailmakers? Do I need to remove the track from the boom as it won't be used?
  3. Hi The insurance company has asked for a rigging report as part of the annual renewal of our boat insurance. I'm looking for a rigger who can perform this work reasonably quickly. Our yacht is moored at the Half Moon Bay Marina in Auckland Does anyone have any recomendations? Thanks
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