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  1. Thanks so much for all the excellent responses, always helpful to get a variety of ideas. @Steve Pope I'd seen the anchoring restrictions previously, but back then it seemed to be mostly "scrub your anchor", where as now I see that several bays are strictly off limits (mostly around Tryphena). @Terry BI'd picked up two of David Thatcher's books last year when I was home @aardvarkash10 I haven't been to Stoney Batter since I was a kid, I'd love to go back. Te Kouma sounds like a good shout, but I guess it will depend on weather etc, and if we can make it to the Barrier. @ra
  2. Hi, I'm a Kiwi who grew up in Auckland, but have been living in London for the last 20 years. I belong to a sailing club here, and I've managed to arrange a trip to NZ next year, and about 28 of us are coming over to spend 9 days sailing. My plan was something like Auckland -> Waiheke -> Great Barrier -> Tiritiri -> Whangaparoa -> Auckland, but not really firmed up yet. So, I was wondering, if you were in my position, where would you go/not go? Anything I'm missing, anything to skip? A few people might like to dive places, I'm sure a lot would love to sample seafood,
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