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  1. Hi all, and thanks "en masse" for taking time to respond. To update my post, I own a 10 year old, 12mx 4.2mx1.4m draft 15 ton launch "Betty G" (BG). She has a 6LXB Gardner and was designed for offshore, albeit I've found the minimum measurement for a launch to go off shore is 12m excluding the bowsprit. BG is 12m including her bowsprit! Arrrghhh! I have tried numerous times to get an answer about whether an inspector has the latitude to permit BG to achieve CAT1 (let's ignore the people requirements for a minute). (Jon: I would be interested in your view about whether you would be able to waiv
  2. Hi all. I'm interested to hear from anyone who has registered their vessel offshore (such as the Cook Islands), perhaps to avoid the stringent CAT 1 requirements Maritime NZ seem to impose on vessels. I own a well found launch, which is a tad short for Maritime NZ's view of "what is safe". Grateful for any experiences you may have encountered? cheers Will
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