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  1. Thanks guys. Should add that I grew up sailing small yachts and dinghies. P-Class, Phoneix (formally Rothmans Father and Son) M-Class on occasion and most recently an old beat-up Arrow. For most of my childhood / teen years I would use the family trailer sailor, an 18 ft'r converted. It was quick, but needed at least two to launch sail safely. I Don't want to have to lug around the kitchen sink and really need to be able to launch and retrieve it myself so the likes of a Kestrel is a little on the big side, but not much.
  2. Hi there. Been keeping an eye out for a cheap day sailor for me, wife and kid. The Whiting 16 looks like the business as I want something small enough to keep at home and tow with my 2L ute and be able to launch at a beach rather than rely on a ramp. It also should have dry storage big enough for a person to crawl into if they can't take the fun anymore. If you know of one doing nothing or can recommend another suitable boat (not necessarily for sale at the moment) please do let me know. I'm in Rothesay Bay (Auckland) for the record. Thanks.
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