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  1. In case you didn't get the email or spot it on Facebook, we've launched the Coastal for 2016, and one of the big changes is a new division for solo entrants. Entries aren't quite open, but they will be soon.In the meantime, we've also set up a free race seminar that's taking place next Thursday evening 4 August at the new Zhik store in Victoria Park. Although on one hand it seems a long way until 21 October, it's only 90 days and it's important to have plenty of time to get everything lined up. Check it all out at www.coastalclassic.co.nz and make sure that you sign up for the newslet
  2. Hi all, Thanks for this - great to see the Crew.org.nz forum still going strong. Thanks for the interest shown, and the comments received will be forwarded to the right people.
  3. Help Coastguard Northern Region understand why boaties choose not to become members, by taking part in a short focus group or phone call this Thursday 21 July. If you own a yacht, launch or trailer boat, you're NOT a Coastguard member, and you're happy to take part in a short focus group in Auckland or a phone call, we're interested in hearing your opinions – plus there’s complimentary craft beer tasting for all participants! Location: Marine Rescue Centre, Mechanics Bay, Auckland – or phone call Date/Time: Thursday 21 July, 6pm-7pm Interested? Message us with your contact details or contact Z
  4. Hi all, On the evening of Monday 28 October, Westhaven Marina has teamed up with Penny Whiting and the Ponsonby Cruising Club to run a special seminar event that is all about how to get into sailing and other types of boating, and what you need to know to get started. If you have friends, family or partners that want to get started, this is a great place to do so. The entry fee is $20, which is donated straight to the Ponsonby Sailing School, and Penny is extremely entertaining and informative. Line 7 will be there too with some great prizes and info on the best gear to wear.
  5. A quick reminder that this is on Thursday evening from 5.30pm in the carpark between the PCC and the Marina Office (outside Beacon Marine). Sounds like there will be a good turnout, and there are a number of unclaimed dinghies that will be for sale - check the Westhaven Marina Facebook page for more info. I have rounded up a bit, but remember to bring any gear you don't want any more, to sell or swap! The bbq sausages are tasty too! Cheers, Zoe
  6. Here's some books that we've rounded up so far - one or two might even be written by people that you know
  7. Hi all, nice to be back! In a few weeks I'm helping to set up a Swap Meet at Westhaven. To kick it off because it's the first year, I'd really like to track down second hand gear that can be sold. If you are unable to attend the event yourself I'm very happy to take the gear and either sell it on your behalf, or donate the proceeds to the Ponsonby Sailing School. It's a great way to clear out the garage or the boat locker. I know back in my days of owning a boat (such a long time ago now where did that go!? I had a couple of big boxes with old deck gear and bits and bobs - that's
  8. Phil, the Tri clubs run training nearly every day year around, which all require planning and commitments, and the swim events are pretty regular, with some being run via masters clubs, and others, like the State Ocean Swim Series, as commercial events. They aren't such a fickle bunch really, and obviously a proportion come and go but I swim with people who have done them for years and years. The Tri clubs are cheaper to join for a year (around $50 incl affiliation) but then the user pays parts are more expensive. But my point really was that yachting is finding it hard to attract
  9. While I think that everyone should pull their weight and join a club, I also think the club membership structure really holds the sport back. I also do open water swimming, and when I want to do a swimming event, I pay a decent entry fee (about $50) to participate, but I don't have to pay a membership fee or put my name on a roster or sit on a committee. I swim, enjoy a bit of post race hospitality, and go home. I think the membership framework worked really well in the past, but now it's an obstacle to participation. For example, right now (thanks to injury) I very rarely sail
  10. Zoe

    Monday's entry list

    We are keen to hear your ideas guys, keep it coming.
  11. I think we saw you on Sat afternoon, we anchored a bit out from Lagoon Bay but realized it was a bit blowy, so moved further down closer to Scott's Landing where it was much more settled. Results are up now, thanks to Joyce, for the Passage Race. You did well. http://www.regatta.org.nz/#!2014-results/c1icx
  12. Zoe

    Monday's entry list

    So that's the benefit of a modern boat then. I have to say I love seeing the classics out, they are just gorgeous.
  13. Hi Elly, good question! I think we saw you up in Mahurangi on Saturday. How did you go yesterday? Joyce is getting them ready. She is going to send them to me today and I will put them on the website. From where I stood (which was on the end of Princes Wharf) it was a good regatta! Zoe
  14. I quite like the Adventurous Multisport name
  15. Does Fast Company need a swimmer? Cos I am a swimmer - and a Fast Company fan
  16. Ahead of posting it on the website, here is a look at the entry list for Ports of Auckland Anniversary Day Regatta. Thought seeing who's entered might hook in a few more boats, especially for the island starts. It's shaping up really well and fantastic support from the classic fleet. Enter at www.regatta.org.nz (and you might win a trip to Hawaii... have I mentioned that before? H1 H28 Mahurangi Burda H28 Mahurangi Tropicbird II H28 Mahurangi Rusty Scupper H28 Mahurangi Stamp Machine H28 Mahurangi Caranda H28 Mahurangi Sea Mew M1 - no extras Tracker Mahurangi Comfortably Nu
  17. I am told that the Kawau start also has a good contingent!
  18. We have 11 Reactors starting from Rakino, as well as a Reactor 25, a Beale 33, a Stewart 24, and a Farr 1020. A good number of keelers under approx 30 foot, are starting from Mahurangi. This includes a few Tracker 77s, a Mullet boat, a Townson 32, and an H28. I don't have all the entries to hand, so this is just a very rough indication (and there will be more boats) but it looks like a good option for a fun race home if you are heading back to the Waitemata after a weekend of cruising. These are races for boats 'in cruising trim' and there are also starts from Kawau, and of course
  19. Zoe

    RYA theory

    I did my NZ Coastal Skippers, and my RYA Yachtmasters Theory (I think that's what it was) concurrently. I think we were a bit of a test run for CBES. I found the NZ curriculum a bit more relevant - especially studying in waters that you actually sail in - but the RYA extended me more. Unfortunately after a few years of not much sailing I have forgotten most of it now!
  20. The friendliest little yacht club in Auckland is running a learn to sail course for adults, on the weekend of 1-2 February. Full details are here: http://frenchbay.org.nz/classes/adult-learn-to-sail/ 20 minutes from Auckland CBD, and run in conjunction with Elements Sailing School in Topaz dinghies which are an ideal boat for learning and improving on.
  21. Hi there, I have a lovely friendly journalist who would like to go sailing on a classic this week or next week, to write about the experience for the newspaper. Someone has been asking around for me, but so far no luck. I wonder if anyone is out there that could help us? It doesn't need to be a long sail just a fun jaunt. Zoe
  22. And one more: Fidelis has entered the 2014 Regatta! This is one of New Zealand's most famous and remarkable racing yachts and she will be visiting NZ, with new owner Nigel Stokes, for the summer. Who here has sailed on this boat? http://www.asqma.com/yacht%20profiles/Fidelis.html
  23. The first five boats to enter the Ports of Auckland Anniversary Day Regatta fleet race include a Young 88, a Davidson, a Farr 1020, an A Class Classic, and a Stewart 34. The 1020 is the first boat to enter the race from Rakino. Remember that there are starts at Rakino, Mahurangi and Kawau on Monday morning 27 Jan for boats in cruising trim that want to be part of the festivities - and spot prizes include a Hawaiian holiday, Red Inflatable SUP (the perfect tender for keelers and multihulls), and much more. http://www.regatta.org.nz - online entries are open
  24. Island17, where do you live? There are lots of Jollyboats at French Bay Yacht Club in Titirangi, and a Topaz, and Lasers… so you could check them out.
  25. Problem solved - as a result of this thread, Kevin Lidgard at Westhaven Marina is working with SSANZ to make space available. We've been in touch with Meric and we will let you know details when the plans are final. Zoe Westhaven Marina
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