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  1. We look across to Cornwallis, I really wish I'd have seen this boat I'd have gone out for a look! Fantastic. She's a beauty. Eerie about the ketch.
  2. Thanks for this guys. I have compiled it into some bullet points - all anonymous. The intention is to use it in a newsletter about marine biosecurity. If you'd like to see it before it is published, or are curious about where it's going, please just send me an email - zoe@wildemedia.co.nz - I'll be happy to show you.
  3. Awesome! How long was it since you'd maintained the hull, and what did you notice exactly?
  4. Hi guys I hope everyone is well and still enjoying boating! Great to see the forum still going strong. While I hear that your boat is supposed to get bigger as you get older, mine is much smaller and I am down to around 4m LOA with a little dinghy. I am sure I should own a fifty footer by now. But that's not why I am writing. I am doing a little research into the correlation between a clean or dirty bum and boat performance. I'd love to hear your anecdates/experiences and before and after statistics, for possible use in an online story. Also feel free to email me - zoe@wildemedia.c
  5. Half tide... I know what I meant...
  6. Thanks everyone, the 'any time above high tide' sounds like a good rule of thumb to me and my mathematically incapable brain. Wal, we have a TV and numerous iPads to keep them busy but weird thing is they want to be outside!
  7. Okay I have googled that, will have a go, thank you! Yes still alive. Very happy to be back in the boating world!
  8. Hi guys Long time no see. I've had four children since I last posted properly and now they are now all sailing opti's! So a lot of time has gone by. After 10+ years of being boatless, I am lucky enough to be helping look after my father's Logan 33 which we have recently moved to Milford Marina. It draws just over 60cm - it's a gorgeous boat and we want to get out and use it more. I am trying to get a handle on the tides and depths at the entrance. Is there any simple answer as to the time either side of high tide we are going to be okay to get in and out? Or am I goi
  9. Great minds think alike Elly I have just loaded some info about how to make Cat 3 easy' to the Coastal website for the NZMYC There will be an inspection day at Westhaven and also a link to a simple checklist. G http://www.coastalclassic.co.nz/single-post/2017/09/13/Inspection-day-and-check-list-make-getting-Cat-3-easier
  10. Hi Ballystick, correct he isn't at Vinings any more - let me know if you can't reach him and I'll track him down for you.
  11. If still available, I'll sell them at the Westhaven Car Boot Sale in February and donate the money to the Ponsonby Sailing School - let me know
  12. Also try www.marinaberths.com -which is run by a local, Ken Davern
  13. HI guys The multihull handicaps is on the website here if you need to access it in future: http://www.coastalclassic.co.nz/race-documents
  14. Hi Magique, yes the configuration will be a little different because it's through Top Yacht, but I will put the link to this page on the website on race day. It will be on the 'WATCH' page on coastalclassic.co.nz http://www.coastalclassic.co.nz/watch-1
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