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  1. Team NZ

    RYA and ICC

    NZBE confirmed that nothing is transferable. Have to fo ICC Course.
  2. Team NZ

    RYA and ICC

    Thanks IT. I've been sailing around Europe for years and this last summer got asked in Trogir, Croatia, if I had a ICC. Showed my old Coastal Skipper card and they were happy with that, but I thought I would go get a ICC anyway . A mate told me that a coastal Skipper certificate ( RYA or NZCG) was seen as the same thing in most places ,(and the fact I had been sailing in and out of many ports, including Trogir, seem to prove I had competence ) It appears though that a ICC is more valid than skipper ticket I Europe though. Even If a coastal skippers ticket tests y
  3. Team NZ

    RYA and ICC

    Hello, I have a NZ coastguard issued "coastal skipper" certification from 2009. I got a new warrant card (photo ID) the other day and was wondering if this is equivalent to the RYA "yacht master coastal" and if it qualifies for ICC. Certification?
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