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  1. Hi Everyone I'm sorry I didn't make it today, but I needed to sail to Auckland do the race and then come home due to other commitments. The weather wasn't going to allow that for me so I called it off. How did it go? Cheers Charlie. Taboo
  2. Hi everyone Thank you for letting me play. First races for taboo. I started second race under canvased and then left Torbay bouy to starboard so decided to head for home ,ie sandpit had a great sail home. I need to work on tacking single handed but learnt lots over the weekend. Fantastic weekend and thanks to all those that made it possible. I look forward to building friendships over the rest of the series Cheers Charlie
  3. What was your true wind speed on the day . It looks like you have a reef in
  4. TABOO

    Big blue cat

    Wow, Whats the situation with it? Is it here to get work done? or has it been brought by a kiwi?
  5. TABOO

    Big blue cat

    Does anyone know about the big blue racing looking cat being craned in/out of the water down by west haven. Only saw it form the bus on the motorway, but it looks like the old Gitana 13, which has been modified and for sale in magazines a couple of years back.
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