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  1. Thanks vic008 - just called them again and Margaret was very useful - seems that have 8mm (5/16 in), so I'm sorted. much appreciated.
  2. Thanks - just called them. Looks like they have 6mm pipe, else larger diameter (10mm) clear hose, but that wouldn't be rigid enough to rotate, so possibly more friction?
  3. The anti-chafing covers on my 7mm shrouds are perished and need replacing. Am thinking of getting some 15mm pvc pipe from Bunnings, cutting a split in it and just pressing it on in 2 1.2m lengths so that inspection is still easy. The anti-chafing boots at the terminal end on the deck are fine, so it's just for the wire. 15mm pipe is bigger than I need but I don't see smaller diameter pipe online. Anyone got a better budget solution? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the replies. I'll get up the mast and see if I can install LMR400 (lowest loss), else LMR195 looks like a good option and one source is here:- http://qsl.net/zl1boi/itemslist.html Will also check with Island Time when I know what thickness I'm after.
  5. Thanks Eric. Yep, I came across that useful article - and he opted for low loss coax with non tinned core, and tinned braid. 50 ohm is the correct impedance for marine vhf. But he did identify a more expensive option with tinned core and braid which is what I am trying to source. Else, I'll go for low loss too and let the corrosion be a future issue.
  6. My vhf coax cable looks original on a 1980 boat (9.6m boat , so only need about 20 metres of cable, and the shield is corroded RG58(?) cable. Any suggestions for where can I get marine grade coaxial cable (tinned core and shield) and suitable corrosion resistant connectors. Google not particularly helpful. jaycar don't provide specs for their cable. I'll get the heavier RG213 if I have enough room in the mast to get it through, else probably the thinner RG58 -or possibly the lower loss LM400 if I can get marine grade. Planning to run it through in one piece and get connectors in case I need t
  7. Positions now filled. Thanks to those who replied, and am now looking forward to the next leg.
  8. Hi, Last October, I went up with an experienced skipper (crew's own Matt Paulin - Island Time) and another experienced crew member to bring my Sadler 32 back to NZ. We ran out of time and the boat got wet, so we left it in Noumea. Details of the first trip here: http://crew.org.nz/forum/index.php/topic/12487-wannabe-offshore-cruiser-lessons-from-port-vila-to-noumea/ I went up with my kids in January and had a great couple of weeks on it. Now I want to bring it back. Am aware that it is more usual for the passage to be done in October/November, but that doesn't fit my domestic situati
  9. Thanks for the responses and encouragement folks and also for the offers of sharing some summer sailing and guinness ! The delivery is a work in progress, a rather extended work, but the idea of getting in some sailing in New Cal before bringing it back has real appeal. This will all unfold in due course.. sorry no pics...next time..
  10. Headed up to Vanuatu in October to bring back a Sadler 32 I bought earlier in the year, but I'm a complete novice so I got an experienced skipper, Island Time's Matt Paulin and another crew member, Russ, to come up with me. I promised Matt that I'd share some of the highlights and experiences on crew.org.nz so here goes... I wrote up a wordier journal and have just posted it here For those with limited time..here's the super short version "Had a blast - a potentially life changing experience. Matt was superb. Russ, the other crew member was equally impressive. From failing head pumps to self
  11. All positions now filled via crew.org Thanks.
  12. Hi Russ, Have a look at http://crew.org.nz/forum/index.php/topic/12143-crew-wanted-vanuatu-to-nz-in-early-october/ Cheers, Sean
  13. Now looking for an experienced crew member to help skipper and owner bring a well equipped Sadler 32 from Port Vila to Opua/Auckland in early October. Sadler 32s have a reputation as strong seaworthy boats. Will be fun. Boat info attached. Owner pays for flights and negotiable remuneration based on days/miles. Cheers, Sean 021 646628
  14. Thanks for the suggestion - will do.
  15. I'm looking for an experienced Skipper to help bring a well equipped Sadler 32 from Port Vila to Opua/Auckland in mid-October. Sadler 32s have a reputation as strong seaworthy boats. Will be fun. Boat info attached. Owner pays for flights and negotiable remuneration based on days/miles. Admetus Sadler32 Handout.pdf
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