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  1. Hey Mike I've done one trip from NZ to Tonga. Would that be enough experience to join you? Cheers, Thom
  2. Hey Folks It's getting colder so it must be time to find a boat going somewhere warmer. I have done one voyage NZ to Tonga. Keen to get more experience. Mostly done inshore sailing. I know a moderate amount about boats. I'm keen, friendly, easy going, flexible. Cheers, Thom 0211048804
  3. I'm posting the following on behalf of my friend Dave, as his account won't let him post anything. His username is daveandthesea Hey everyone I'm keen to crew on a yacht sailing from NZ to Tonga/Fiji, or in that general direction anytime after the 20th of June. I've done a bunch of coastal sailing around the Marlborough Sounds as an Outward Bound instructor, and I've done a bit of off shore sailing, but no big ocean crossings yet. Bloody handy with a spanner, I can sort out most things mechanical. I'm good for a laugh, good company, and I'm not always in your face. I'm not too sha
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