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  1. Very well said! I am looking for the exact same thing and I have the same attitude! I'm prepared to hit the docks in Auckland next month (with rum in hand!) speak to the skippers and crew in hopes of gaining a bit more local experience. Can't wait for this next adventure... hope you find something too!
  2. Hey Wannabe, I tried to PM you but your inbox is apparently full! I'm Lindsay from Canada, looking to get to the pacific islands soon now that my 1 year visa has nearly finished. I am starting to network now, and going to hit the docks in Auckland to see if I can crew on a boat heading out. It's a long shot, but are you looking for any help on your journey?! Anyways, any info you have would be helpful cheers, Lindsay
  3. Hey I'm Lindsay from Canada (29) looking for the same thing! Ready to leave April / May headed to any of the pacific islands, from anywhere in NZ. I don't have much experience sailing but I have done a fare share in and around Vancouver plus the Caribbean. Ready for the next adventure I have worked in the service industry for 12 years, I can cook, clean, launder, do hair and makeup, effortlessly run a household so whynot a boat?! Plus I am a scuba diving instructor. Let's go!
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