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    Hello and thank you all. Much appreciated advise. I didn't think engine details where significant to the scenario: but..is a Bukh 36ME, c1970's. Very happy with it. Oil was in the sump tray, outside the engine. Am quite sure its a gauge, with alarm and light, and the pressure went to zero because the oil had dumped (no oil, no pressure). Refilled with new oil and filter and it happened again. Got in Dennis of Dennis Marine Diesel in Tauranga, nice bloke, and he discovered that Elly was bang on the money...pin holes in the feeder pipes to and from the oil cooler. New parts from The Engin
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    Hello members. Please advise. My new boat has had a hemorrhage. Oil alarm came on after a kilometer's motoring at high revs. Pressure had been high each time I ran it for the couple of times that day. I didn't wait nor see the gauge return to normal operating level but did notice that it didn't fall back. The question is: What can happen to keep the pressure high? At the alarm of course pressure was zero. And the remedy please. Methinks could simply be loose oil filter (was easy to remove) though surely that would reduce the pressure in the engine. Will start by adding oil and a new filter a
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