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  1. Really appreciate the response. Yip probably the advice I need but have been burying me head in the sand for a while but now at a cross road. Don’t have the money to rebuild or skill. I will engage an old head for a survey and good look. If anyone knows anyone in the Auckland area that would suit having a look, any recommendations are welcome. Thanks again
  2. Thanks. Very insightful. Not in the water fortunately, but stuck in my driveway (and has been for some time). Yip need to take a breather and figure out actually damage and then go from there. Been a long project all ready so hoping for some good news as to far into the project to give up now. Thanks again for the response.
  3. Hi, just looking for some advice as I am out of my depth. I am renovating a lotus 9.2, twin skin Kauri. Long story short but I have had a lot of issues with leaking windows and now I appear to have a problem in the bilge with rot. The top Kauri appears to be ‘fluffy’ which I assume is Rot? The bilge has been wet for a long time and the Kauri is really wet and I am able to peel back the wood in places. just seeing if there are any options for repairing the Kauri/bilge from the inside. I don’t think the rot has got through into the outer skin but very difficult to get to
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