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  1. Thanks all.

    I'm aware of the existence of other pressurized cylinders in the plane, my question was more to find out the smoothest way of getting mine home. Having done plenty of air miles I've been in and seen some ridiculous situations and attitudes at check in counters.

    I was flying home from racing in the UK just after 9/11, have Olive skin, Dark hair, a biggish nose and was carrying a set of Roadracing Leathers as Carty-on baggage. Needless to say my stop over at L.A and subsequent check-in scarred me for life, and the Carbon/Kevlar body Armour that they cut out of my suit never quite fitted back in the same. 😉

  2. 6 minutes ago, Y88 5241 said:

    Have done it no issues, always take it as carry on, it's allowed under the law if 33g or under. The security are pretty good about it all and understand. 

    Thanks mate

    I figured they want that kind of thing in the pressurized part of the plane.

    I figured worse case scenario, just leave cartridge on the boat.

  3. Heading away to Fiji in a few weeks via water and returning via air (better VMG)

    Was wanting to take my own safety gear but it occurred to me that pressurized inflation cannisters may not be welcome on a plane.  Anyone had any experience with this?

    Was really only planning on having carry on - no checked baggage.


  4. Condolences to his Family.

    Been on that boat many a time, and only this Bay Week stood and watched him dock, tie up, unload, load and leave with no assistance. Marvel to watch such well ingrained skill.

    Let the slow wheels of justice begin to turn I suppose.

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  5. When we refitted our 1020 I deleted one of the through hulls where it had a toilet inlet and hand basin waste outlet next to each other.

    I have a Y just inboard of the sea cock now, below waterline and leading off to WC and Basin.

    Behaves as normal, but after motoring home from a trip and running a fair amount of Salt water through WC and holding tank I can shut sea cock and fill hand basin with fresh water, with the plug out and toilet flushing it only gets fresh water so no sea life dying in system when boat parked. Seems to work fine.

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  6. Some Neanderthal has managed to clean snap a couple of battens in my boom tent. I don't know how - they are about 15-16mm Diameter solid round Fiberglass jobbies. It would have been like breaking your Femur!

    Need either big round ones, or possibly Thick rectangular sail Mainsail Battens I guess?

    Need 1 @ 2.5M, and 1 @ 2.7M

    Whats out there?

    Nigel 022 044 9171

  7. Had a great non stop sail up to BOI on Xmas day evening (left Weiti at 11pm rounded Cape Brett at 3pm) got sunburnt and enjoyed typical BOI cruising for maybe 4-5 days before it turned. Luckily had a mates mooring Sussed in Matauwhi Bay and hooked onto that new years day. Had a vehicle up there and made a few day trips to get kids off the boat, Russell Vehicle Ferry did well out of us.

    Went up to Cape Reinga and overnighted at Pukenui Holiday Park, surfed the dunes at Te Paki in horrendous breeze, generally made the best of a damp situation.

    Last night, steady 30kt puffs close in bur a comfortable sleep. Same can't be said for poor souls anchored at outer edges of mooring field.

    Brass Tacks still on mooring, baled this morning ro drive back to Whangaparaoa and will return to convert it to Bar/Dormitory for Hotdogger Crew this BOI Race Week.

    Finally after 5 years of BOI new years trips we've had a sh*t one. At least itmayhelp convince missus that the Barrier isn't cursed!


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  8. Weiti are struggling to house boats at the moment.


    Members who wish to have a mooring go on a waiting list, whilst you are on that list you go on sublets which means if the holder of a permanent mooring goes away for a decent period, or goes on the hard, or sells their boat but is replacing it and continues to pay their full mooring fees - the club can sublet that mooring out to someone on the waiting list (draft and length permitting of course).

    Downside for people on sublets is they don't have access to the dinghy locker and often have to relocate at reasonably short notice. Kind of like Musical Chairs 😅































  9. So after a week of fiddling, testing and measuring it would appear I have excorised the demons from my freezer.

    Wound txv in a couple of turns and back out to original position half a turn per day.

    Been keeping a bunch of bottles of frozen water and hello fresh freezer packs in there and running motor freezer every day at random times, and happy to report its worked every day.

    Not an easy task when not on a marina!

    My jubilation at possibly saving $1000 or so was short lived this morning when I found that the knead-it repair I did on the exhaust elbow last year was indeed temporary, the raw water pump has developed a drip and the hot water cylinder has a puddle of bright red yanmar engine coolant under it.

    Amazing what you pick up when sitting around waiting to measure freezer Temps every day!


  10. Thanks Psyche, yes had a read of those earlier. As always, well written and easy to follow.

    Have a couple of questions, re: sight glass being full - does this mean solid liquid right up to the inside of the glass itself when running, or full to the orifice inside the unit?  I ask because mine has a conical dish above the orifice to refrigerant pipe with the word 'Full' on the tapered face. When running the liquid in the line rushes past only occasionally wetting the very bottom of this dish, never getting up to wet the bottom of the glass itself.

    Second question, in Matts article he describes controlling the distance of frosting from compressor on the return line by opening and closing the adjuster on the TXV. Closing the valve moves the frost further away  or 'back up the line' from compressor. This 'closing of the valve' would mean winding the adjuster screw "in" or clockwise yes?

    I ask as for some reason I have in my head that making the gap in the TXV smaller would mean that the refrigerant would compress 'harder' to get through the gap and therefore come out the other side with more energy, thereby cooling more. I guess like squeezing the end of a garden hose to spray your car down.

    Interesting stuff, not quite as frightening as it first appears!

  11. 8 hours ago, CarpeDiem said:

    IMO It sounds like you need to get a professional in.  It's a $50k fine in NZ to intentionally release SGGs into the atmosphere.  And you're going to need special expensive equipment to replace the txv anyway and regas the system.

    Don't fret - I'm not about to start undoing any pipes or anything - not a refrigeration technician by a long shot but also not an idiot!

    Just wanting to learn as much as possible about what is in the boat and hopefully make a more accurate diagnosis of what is causing the issue.

    If tapping or adjusting the txv (in and out but finishing back at same point as it started at) and checking location of bulb plus maybe exercising it a bit (plunging it alternately between cups of ice and hot water) doesn't cure it I'll get it replaced and regassed.

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