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  1. 1 hour ago, K4309 said:

    What do you guys use all this hot water for?

    I've got a kettle. Goes on the stove. If we want instant hot water, we fill a thermos. If we want lots of hot water, we fill two thermos. Very handy if you want a cup of tea but can't be bothered turning the gas on etc. Always have hot water for washing the dishes. Zero faffing.

    Can also ditch matches and rub sticks together for fire. Or better still eat your Sabre tooth Tiger raw?

    Got a 25 litre Calorfier in the 1020. Heats up quick, since I repacked the insulation inside the case and lagged all the pipes it'll stay hot overnight. IMO if you have an engine driven fridge/freezer it's a no Brainer. Plus, the extra fresh cooling water capacity must make engine cooling circuit more efficient? 

  2. It was pretty heinous at the Brett. We went through a couple of hours before the incident, and the sea state was all over the place. An accidental gybe would have been pretty easy to have happen. Breeze was anything from 20-30kts and shifty.

    Really sad for crew and family, and also race organizers.

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  3. I've often considered it

    But I reckon running extra halyards, utilizing anchor winch etc can be more progressive than suddenly realizing your rudder is supporting 50% of your hull

  4. Was viewing a boat on the hard at Marsden Cove yesterday and afterwards went to the marina to visit a friend who was staying there for a short time was surprised to see a seal swimming around the boats.  Kids thought he was great.

    Most amazing sight for me though was all the Fan Worm attached to the pontoons.

    Quite pretty I have to say. My mate (who's French) reckons in the med they cut the top off and use the worm living inside as bait, to great effect. 

    Maybe we need to think of a way to commercialize all these imports 🤔

  5. The issue I have (and I would wager I'm not the first to suffer this)....

    Is that we have a particular trip in mind. Duration 6 months.

     And although we are a family of 4, part of the attraction (read persuader) for getting this endeavor off the ground with my fair lady is the ability to periodically home other entire families with kids for 2 weeks at a time to break up the boredom for the kids and her.

    So, myself who would happily go offshore in a Ross 40 or some such now has to look for something that can sleep 8-9, and sustain land folk who don't grasp the concept of not showering every day and opening the fridge every 5 mins, needing to plug hair straighteners in etc etc.

    So that sends you into the 50ft bracket. 

    Thing is, this may well be a one off trip.

    I'm  based in the Weiti, so draft is a concern. (Not flush so we can have a flash boat or a marina - not both)

    I'm happy to get a 1020 on and off piles by myself, a 40ft boat wouldn't present any bigger issue IMO. A 50ft plus beast becomes a bit of a burden even without having to haul and maintain.

    But living in the islands we are going to need outdoor space, as much as I want a 1220 to work, the small cockpit and sloping coamings even without a wheel attached make for a pretty camped under Bimini experience.

    Boat is sound in every other respect. 

    Champagne tastes maybe not, but definitely beer budget!

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  6. Had a look at 1 with the Family and although it was a stunning example, and they tick a lot of the boxes for me, the size of the cockpit was a real turn-off for the misinster of profit disbursement and shoe acquisition.

    I see it as a good/safe offshore cockpit, she sees it as something where you can't stretch out to sunbathe 😅

    I know of a couple that have sold recently for well under what you'd expect, I recall them being over $200k not THAT long ago.

  7. My old one (Gaucho) was I believe built 86/7?

    I seem to have 85 locked in my head as design date but could be wrong.

    Gary from Leading Edge boat builders in Beachaven is restoring Aqua Vitae and seems to know pretty much everything about kiwi yachts.

    Look him up or head to the SR26 page on Facepalm.

    Great boats - good luck!


  8. We were in Longhaul ona wooden 30 footer and finished just before midnight. 

    Spent about 2 hrs drifting NE of Rangi light avoiding the tide in zero breeze but never got bored as we were defending our lead from a few big boats.

    Change of tide bought a fresh breeze line which we hooked into and flew to the finish... great fun 👍🏾 

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  9. Looking to get out of the 1020 and replace with something suitable to take family to the islands next season.

    The 1020 is such a good boat that it's bigger Sister would seem a good way to go.

    Anyone have/know of one that may be coming up for sale? 



  10. I must admit I have been out on 2 handed races in the past, early hours, sleep deprived and approaching commercial/fishing/processing boats with all kinds of lights coming off them. 

    Worked myself into a lather trying to decipher what they were up to, imagining sub surface tow cables, networking net dragging trawlers etc etc until I get to the point I have to wake the off watch crew for a second opinion or just tack/gybe and get the hell away from them.

    Although the off watch crew has also told me in great detail about the rabbits that managed to stay 1 or 2 waves in front of the bow for most of his watch one night - and also been convinced we were going to smack into the cliffs of little barrier when were 10 miles off so probably not the best person to ask for opinions about mega bright alien lights on the water at 3am 🤔

    Suffice to say I usually err on the side of caution when it comes to any commercial boats, either in or out of shipping channels. 

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  11. 6 hours ago, K4309 said:

    On the morning of 6 December 1917, the French cargo ship SS Mont-Blanc collided with the Norwegian vessel SS Imo in the waters of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The Mont-Blanc, laden with high explosives, caught fire and exploded, devastating the Richmond district of Halifax. At least 1,782 people were killed, largely in Halifax and Dartmouth, by the blast, debris, fires, or collapsed buildings, and an estimated 9,000 others were injured. The blast was the largest human-made explosion at the time.[1] It released the equivalent energy of roughly 2.9 kilotons of TNT (12 TJ).[2]

    Mont-Blanc was under orders from the French government to carry her cargo from New York City via Halifax to Bordeaux, France. At roughly 8:45 am, she collided at low speed, approximately one knot (1.2 mph or 1.9 km/h), with the unladen Imo, chartered by the Commission for Relief in Belgium to pick up a cargo of relief supplies in New York. On the Mont-Blanc, the impact damaged benzol barrels stored on deck, leaking vapours which were ignited by sparks from the collision, setting off a fire on board that quickly grew out of control. Approximately 20 minutes later at 9:04:35 am, the Mont-Blanc exploded.

    In this case, the captain of the smaller, unladen freighter refused to pass the Mont Blanc Port to Port, being in a hurry and having already passed two other smaller vessel's Stbd to Stbd. Restricted by depth he came to almost a halt and the Mont Blanc was barely squeezing by when the freighter restarted in reverse, the prop walk kicking the stern to Port and digging the stem into the side of the Mont Blanc. The sparks created when they pulled the boats apart ignited the Benzol and their fate was sealed from there 😔

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  12. 4 minutes ago, Cameron said:

    Where is the blue kite in the video?

    Pretty sure Sunset Sam is the little boat with the fractional white kite... they look on edge and hauling!

    I bought Shapeshifter (ex Fadeaway) off the guy who developed Sunset Sam. He reckoned they used SS as a development platform for their 830 but the SS was such a weapon they kept sailing it and left the 830 in a shed for over 20 years!

    Great send 

  13. 44 minutes ago, ex Elly said:

    So New World Victoria Park Div 1 - is now at 36 boats. This is twice as big as any other division.

    Will SSANZ split into 2 divisions, like they did in 2021? That year there were divisions for under 10.4m, and over 10.4.


    6.4 The race committee will review entries for each Course, and may split the divisions based on handicap or vessel length or displacement.

    Guess we will find out tonight at the Briefing 

  14. 108 boats now with a day to go.

    10 Piedies and a Sloth of 88's 😉

    Somehow found myself in longhaul on a Ross boat made of matchsticks that are too soggy to light... oh well at least it'll be blowing 30+knots and probably raining 🤣

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  15. My initial thought was that they could have been Northern Hemisphere units.

    They were purchased in NZ from a reputable retailer, possibly shipped from supplier in error.

    I have brought them home with me and they are going to sort him out with replacement or credit.

    Interestingly enough, they were only installed to meet Cat 1 and we never looked at them once on the trip. As it was 99.9% Autohelm all we used was the heading on the control unit 🙄

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