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  1. I've had good work and value out of Steve at Firefish Fab in Gulf Harbour
  2. Ha ha Good luck with enforcing that particular gem
  3. Thanks all. I'm aware of the existence of other pressurized cylinders in the plane, my question was more to find out the smoothest way of getting mine home. Having done plenty of air miles I've been in and seen some ridiculous situations and attitudes at check in counters. I was flying home from racing in the UK just after 9/11, have Olive skin, Dark hair, a biggish nose and was carrying a set of Roadracing Leathers as Carty-on baggage. Needless to say my stop over at L.A and subsequent check-in scarred me for life, and the Carbon/Kevlar body Armour that they cut out of my suit never
  4. The bar in business class probably has big bottles of rum in it - I can't see me being able to bring my own one of those
  5. Thanks mate I figured they want that kind of thing in the pressurized part of the plane. I figured worse case scenario, just leave cartridge on the boat.
  6. Heading away to Fiji in a few weeks via water and returning via air (better VMG) Was wanting to take my own safety gear but it occurred to me that pressurized inflation cannisters may not be welcome on a plane. Anyone had any experience with this? Was really only planning on having carry on - no checked baggage. Thanks
  7. Now that the courses are up - who's doing this one? I'm in a small wooden 80's boat but looking at entering Longhaul. Looks a bit lonely in there entries wise tho
  8. Condolences to his Family. Been on that boat many a time, and only this Bay Week stood and watched him dock, tie up, unload, load and leave with no assistance. Marvel to watch such well ingrained skill. Let the slow wheels of justice begin to turn I suppose.
  9. I enjoyed it. Party in town was fun, and the course was just long enough. I can see it growing if it doesn't clash with anything next time.
  10. I expect it to be more comfortable than my last trip. At least this one should stay above the surface of the ocean for much of the time.
  11. I'm heading across from Opua to Fiji late May/Early June delivering a 50ft Cat. Be keen to glean any useful info as well.
  12. When we refitted our 1020 I deleted one of the through hulls where it had a toilet inlet and hand basin waste outlet next to each other. I have a Y just inboard of the sea cock now, below waterline and leading off to WC and Basin. Behaves as normal, but after motoring home from a trip and running a fair amount of Salt water through WC and holding tank I can shut sea cock and fill hand basin with fresh water, with the plug out and toilet flushing it only gets fresh water so no sea life dying in system when boat parked. Seems to work fine.
  13. Bay Week day 2, just coming past Tapeka and preparing to drop kite. Max speed of 18.9kts on this blast
  14. Nah nowhere near enough bending resistance unfortunately
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