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  1. I was on Hotdogger 2-up and I can give you the scoop. We started late because we were debating going to the third reef. I think the time we spent stooging about didn't help the top batten cars in their efforts to live a long and prosperous life. We elected to start, and in the midst of sideways rain and a jib hank that had let go we didn't really look up and notice the issue. After tacking at North Head we slid under Start me up (which was fully crewed but still a fellow small boat) we set off into the washing machine. 2 reefs and a #3 were still a bit too much sail for the over
  2. Long shot but our preparations for next week's 3 Kings race has revealed that the autopilot controller faceplate has face palmed. Buttons falling off and auto activating itself at inopportune moments... being only 2 handed means a functional autopilot would be nice! It's a Seatalk NG one. Looks like replacement faceplates are discontinued... anyone have a dead one with good faceplate or even a no longer needed running unit?
  3. Did a trip to Fiji, cruised there then home via New Cal using only tablets with Navionics and Predictwind (with a back up laptop with Open CPN) There was an Apple IPad and a Samsung tablet. Both worked really well, with the following caveats: I found the Samsung easier to use but I have android phone so it was probably a familiarity thing than performance. We had repeated headaches trying to download weather routing/gribs, using Iridium go and the Samsung. But the Apple unit just seemed to 'get along better' with the Iridium. It got so bad that a departing crew in Noumea left me
  4. Watched a Webcam recording of the lead up and collision. Definitely was making some speed alright. Was a fair amount of traffic on bridge eight up to impact.
  5. Holy Heka Sounds like Bridge had construction workers on it, imagine if it happened at peak traffic flow 😵
  6. When changing from A3 to Masthead Kite after Sail Rock I left front hatch open to ventilate the boat as it was champagne sailing. However; after several beers and another 10 or so kts of breeze it would appear it wasn't the best move!
  7. Had a blast racing to the Barrier on Saturday despite being 45 mins late for the start and extremely hung over. Apologies for Co skippers language and inability to keep a camera in one plane.... VID-20240303-WA0005.mp4
  8. I tend to just have a quick peek in the mirror, my handicaps are immediately evident
  9. We will give it a nudge. Was good fun last year, and staying right in town was a different experience for us River folk
  10. Correct. 2 divisions, single or double. Not accounting for any amputees racing I guess you could say a 2 handed and a 4 handed class 😉
  11. When I had my SR it was Carey Gillies I believe. No idea if he still owns her but if not he may have a lead.
  12. Haha not bad "I'm going to stay on the Beach till I can talk to the Mayor" 2 paragraphs later... "I tried to winch off this morning but it only moved a bit" Might be a good spot for a deck chair and full chilly bin
  13. https://richmondyc.org.nz/gulftriangle/ Doing this next weekend on the 930, entries looking a bit bleak - is it a lack of promotion or an abundance of lethargy?
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