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  1. Thanks very much for the info on Slice of Lemon folks, much appreciated. Will definitely take a walk down memory lane when I can get up to Gulf Harbour. Kenrick Mitchell.
  2. Bulb bow? Now there’s a topic for Dad and Des to have a beer over in the bar frequented by those who’ve sailed over the horizon for the last time. The dodger and boarding platform are also non-original. Reminiscing might be a safer topic, though my arrival among the shavings post-dates the harbour bridge by half a dozen years. We actually got to watch dolphins come up the estuary from our classrooms at Ngunguru School occasionally. Not too many kids got to do that during their schooldays. We found money in the lead too, buying it from plumbers and using sinker moulds to supply a couple of spor
  3. Oarsome, thanks for that! Might take a wander sometime and leave him a note. She was built on spec and sold to an Aucklander by the name of Wynyard originally. Built of triple skin kauri planking as I remember. The name referred to her hull colour at time of launching. I think she was the second boat out of Dad's new shed, she followed a racing trimaran called SkipJack. The new boatbuilding business had been funded by several seasons of crayfishing up north and was no doubt the realisation of quite a dream. Sadly Mr Muldoon put the brakes on it with his boat tax soon after establishment. He sq
  4. A bit of a belated contribution to this forum thread but I happened upon the conversation whilst doing a general Google search for "H28 Maroro", if anyone is still transmitting on this frequency? Maroro was built by my father (Stuart Mitchell) and I can confirm that the information revealed on her here is accurate. The third placing overall in the 1961 Auckland-Sydney race was sufficient to win the "Non Australian Handicap Honours" (I still have the trophy, Dad having passed away in 2004). The cruise to New Caledonia followed on from the trans-Tasman race so would probably have been earlier th
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