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  1. Did the SMP60 stand up to UV etc? I need to seal glass windows to a wood frame (marine) and again, this is recommended by a window supplier. (I would Everdure the wood first.)
  2. To any Bayswater Marina people watching......maritime police are interested in this. There has been activity between Westhaven and Bayswater i.e. items stolen from both, found together. There are a lot of unsecured dinghys and outboards down there.
  3. The RIB was found after I posted on neighbourly.co.nz and someone spotted it from the harbour bridge. We drove over and found it hauled up on a grass bank. It actually was an obvious place to go, with dark remote access to a road. I have spoken to marina security and written to marina management. I have not heard back!! The nearest video camera has not been working for 6 months!! Police were down within one day for fingerprints but we think they used rubber gloves as a piece was left snagged on a security cable they tried to cut. They also brought bolt cutters so this was a planned b
  4. The Red Knight RIB has been found under the Northcote side of the Harbour Bridge. 4HP Mariner outboard, Raytheon VHF fixed mounted radio and other small items missing but less chance of finding them.
  5. Hi all, A 2.8M Red Knight RIB and 4HP Mariner was stolen from Bayswater Marina Friday night 24th April. The grab rope on one side will be cut. Boat is all RED with black stripes so quite distinctive. Any info please msg me or ph 021 986 198 Facebook post.... https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153174128856648&set=a.498414891647.308035.533146647&type=1
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