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  1. Willow's suggestion implemented (photograph attached), Nothing but a small plastic thimble flapping about on the foredeck now. When the rain takes a break and the wind gets up again I shall test the system. PaulR, when I get this barber hauler up and working to my satisfaction I shall look at your suggestion, many thanks. Cheers...
  2. Thanks guys, much appreciated. Willow, I liked your suggestions a lot. I picked up a couple of plastic thimbles, $1.50 a piece, and relocated the block and attached it directly to the car as you suggested. Huge improvement. Many thank for your suggestion. Now if it stops raining and the wind picks up...
  3. Again, many thanks for the inputs; much appreciated. So I installed the so-called Barber-hauler kindly recommended by Aaron Blakemore, chief cook and bottle washer at Oddies Marine, Waikawa who also just happens to be one of the hottest serious large sailboat racing nutters in these waters. Here are a couple of photographs taken before leaving the marina and before experimenting and placing the cars in the correct position on the track. The line that tensions the block at right angles to the Genoa sheet cleats off in the cockpit as required. While I still like the 'towable car' s
  4. Thanks for the replies... Yes, I do mean adjustable on the fly using strings from the cockpit. As I mentioned I don't want to leave the cockpit when out there. And while I have made do with setting the car position on the day for the day my sailmaker demonstrated with the new working jib how moving the car forward when off the wind and when the headsail is partially furled improves efficiency. Yes, I could make do, as I have done, with one position come what may but while perfection is not my goal continuous improvement keeps me off the streets, My marine bits and pieces supplier, w
  5. Context: single-handed coastal cruising (I plan to not leave the cockpit), a working jib on a Raven 31. Towable Genoa cars vs a Barberhauler. Input most appreciated. Cheers...
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