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  1. Perfect, thanks a lot!! Didn't even know that hatches could get this bad!
  2. Hi guys! Just a quick post to ask you if any of you have replaced hatches and how? Been inspecting a Beneteau First 47.7 2004 today and hatches need to be completely replaced, frame and window(full of little cracks, can't see anything). Has anyone done it before? Cheers!!
  3. Thanks Island Time!! I'am, indeed an Australian Citizen.
  4. Because some people are in the country only few months. For example, someone who sailed to NZ and is in the country for a while, working before going again. I know that in this case, customs make you sign a paper where you agreed to pay the GST after a certain amount of time if the vessel is still in the country
  5. However, it seems that there is a 5% Duty fee. When looking on the Customs Website, boats have 5% Duty fee if not built in OZ or USA. Also, how long do we have untill we must pay the GST? One or two years? Cheers
  6. Thanks for all your replies guys, it helps to understand the rules!! So in fact, buying a second hand yacht in OZ needs to add the NZ GST to it, even if the yacht is not brand new... I'm after a second hand cruiser/racer near 50ft. For the moment I focused on First 47.7 and in NZ they are none for sale (one from 36 degrees brokers but sold and was at 300k), while in OZ they are more and "cheaper". But of course, after adding the NZ GST, it's the same price...but at least there are options
  7. Yes, the OZ GST is not the same as NZ GST. My "issue" is that the same good has a GST applied twice. Is it possible to claim the OZ GST back for a yacht that is 12yrs old?
  8. Thanks Sundreamer!! But how come a good can be subject to the GST multiple times?
  9. Hi guys, Just a quick message to ask you about something I have no idea about and struggling to find an official answer: I'm planning on buying a second hand yacht in OZ and bringing her to NZ. But in terms of paper work and taxes, what will be required? As far as I know, GST is for brand new goods...but I may be wrong. So, if some of you guys have experiences with this it would be great! Cheers.
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