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  1. Hi all, we are having to sell a brand new mooring in Nelson if anyone is keen. All the info is on trademe, link below or search Listing #:1101802714 http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1101802714&ed=true
  2. Hi, I have tried without success to get a 2.8m alloy hull inflatable dinghy from Point Chevalier AKL to Either Nelson or Kaikoura before Christmas. None of the couriers are interested as its to big and the freight companies aren't really interested in cash sales particularly when they are flat out leading up to Christmas. I was even going to drive up and collect it but can't get on the ferries. Anyone heading South from AKL over the next couple of weeks??? Is it to far to motor the dinghy?? Anthony 027 441 2262
  3. Hi, Looking for a reasonable quality metal sextent for offshore sailing backup plus hobby use. No interested in old antique models. Interested in units people have to sell or advice on good brands to consider, have been looking at Astra. Thanks Anthony
  4. Nice one erice I had not spotted the hydrovane on TM and that is the model I have now decided on - shame about the starting bid of $8K though!
  5. Hi Steve, Yes I have started to think the cape horn is a better option than the monitor as it is way less intrusive to mount on the transom and there is a lot less moving parts on the outside of the hull to get damaged/ripped off. It is also cheaper and does have the added advantage as you pointed out of using a tiller pilot in light winds. It is quite a lot cheaper then the monitor as well particulaly as I need to fit a swing gate in order to mount the monitor. My only question is will the CH suite a boat like mine i.e. reasonably quick with a very large spade rudder. Regards An
  6. Hi Willow, I appreciate the offer but not quote what I am looking. Thanks again. Regards Anthony
  7. I have a solution, how about we all chip in and by me a wind vane and then I will go away crusing for 2-3 years come back and let you know how I got on and if I needed an emergency rudder? One of the benefits of going for a wind vane as opposed to AP is that there are quite a few decent second hand units on the market (mostly US) where as I fear getting a second hand decent AP would be hand and probably a bit risky. So I could have a solution for a 2nd and independent system for $3-4K Thanks for all your comments great to hear different peoples thoughts.
  8. Hi (too_tall), Yep I was looking at a Raymarine kit with Hydraulic ram direct to the post. I do like the idea of this system which you can rig to wind vane at top of mast and therefore still use Wind Trim mode for efficient sailing as opposed to fixed heading. The only thing with just getting another AP system is that what if you loose power by lightening strike or batteries swamped or wiring meltdown? And also the benefit of a wind vane is that if you loose your main rudder you can easily rig up an emergency rudder. So much to consider! Would be great to network a new AP wi
  9. Hi, I am in the market for a 2nd hand water maker preferably engine driven pump but would consider 12V. I really like the Open Ocean brand but would consider any reliable system. Please contact me 027 441 2262. Regards Anthony
  10. Hi, I am preparing my boat for offshore trip and have decide to fit wind vane steering as a back up system to my dated autopilot. I am most interested in Scanmar's Monitor but have also seen quite a few Aries around. Also welcome opinions on fitting wind vane self steering to a relatively racer cruisers such as my Farr 44, some people say wouldn't go cruising without one and others say they are a thing of the past and are not suitable for fast boats. Please contact me if you have a wind vane steering system to sell. 027 441 2262 Regards Anthony
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