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  1. I am looking for one or two committed members to join my crew for the RNZYS winter series. The dates are: May 7 and 21 June 18 July 2, 16, 30 Aug 13 and 27 Sep 10 Nomos is a 40ft Catalina yacht. Not a racing machine but a well equipped and fun boat to sail. We are a really social and international crew, get along really well, and go out to have fun and learn together. If interested please call 021 472 111. Looking forward to having you on board.
  2. I fly the spinnaker on my boat with lazy sheets (ie one sheet and one brace on each side). I am yet to find the right technique to prevent the lazy sheets from dangling in the water when flying the kite, but also when not in use on the sides of the boat. Does anybody have a clever technique, or know of a cleet or other accessory which could help me? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi A and Duty Free, Black Panther, Raz 88 and Chippie, thanks for your advice. Obviously I am still new to the Auckland scene and learning! I want to get my boat out, get her sailing, and make sure everyone has a good time. So all welcome, forget about crew funds, we will deal with hard days and maintenance chores as they occur. In the meantime, you are all welcome on board! A, thank you for being so welcoming on Duty Free. I can see Nomos and DF be sister ships racing and cruising throughout the summer and making the most of it! Thanks again for all your advice. In the meantime if
  4. Hi all I raced in Wellington for 20 years and always contributed to a crew fund on a per race basis for all the boats I raced on. The fund covers race entry fees, extra insurance premium for racing, fuel and general upkeep of the boat, and indeed contributes to torn spinnakers and other breakages that always occur on the boat (well at least in Wellington!) I am interested to hear back if this is not common practice in Auckland, and hoping it is not too much of a barrier to keen sailors to join in and race on Nomos. I like the idea of people contributing what they can if they feel it is too mu
  5. a contribution... sorry my French takes over from time to time!
  6. Hello sailors, I recently bought a share in a 40ft Catalina, Nomos, and sailed her up from Wellington to Auckland. Now I need you to help me race her! Based in Westhaven Nomos is a cruiser-racer, well equipped and in good condition. She's not a racing machine, but she sails really well, is comfortable and with a good crew she can win. If you have some racing experience, want to race for fun and make new friends please join me! I am looking at racing on Saturdays from the RNZYS and would be open to mid-week racing. I will ask for a participation of $25 to a crew fund to keep he
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