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  1. I am leaving Westhaven 8.45am Wednesday. Happy to include some crew if can't take a boat. 021 991 357
  2. Received notification today. Yes like a lot of others, I did put in submissions (against), but that doesn't count for Zip as it is just a formality to look as if they are engaging the public. Manaia Harbour not used by boaties due to lack of depth but others are a worry - and this is only the begining! Tena koe The Ministry for Primary Industries has recently made aquaculture decisions on the following coastal permit applications. Details of the aquaculture decisions are below: Coastal permit application number Regional Council Location Size (ha) Type of farm (eg, shellf
  3. Never got more than a year out of propspeed. Tried it twice, within last 2 years - accept others have had good results but not me. Prop spins about 200 hours per year. Now back on Lanoline based grease (Lanocote) and get similar result for fraction of cost. Never tried heating - as a retired engineer I know that 'sintered bronze' is an accepted lubricating bronze (when heated and immersed in oil) but correct me here - never known of 'sintered bronze' props? - but if you are heating then beware folding/feathering props. Most have a requirement to add grease on a regular basis. Do this after yo
  4. Agree a pity, however it was the catalyst for Clare & I (Corran) to at last turn up to a CANANZ meeting. The people we met seemed a like minded bunch & friendly. I am now a member and look forward to being so. P.S. I have had only good experiences in dealing with Pierre from AA Solar & believe there will be a plausible reason for the 'no show'
  5. Now 'sinking' is 2nd hand news so may be wrong BUT:- Piedy by the name of 'fourty two' was near us on Northern can Issy bay Friday & Saturday nights. Two young fellas tried to leave Sunday but (wisely) came back in. Dad turned up in launch and put a more senior crew member on and they headed off with Dad shadowing them. It appears that they ended up in water in Rangi channel, picked up OK by Dad but Piedy is now 'fourty two' below! Real shame as looked a tidy one.
  6. Hi Murky I use the plastic tub stuff and smear on quite thick with fingers, then smooth off to some extent with rag - bonus is you have nice soft hands for a week!
  7. OK to come back to the original question re Propspeed. I had it applied to a new Maxprop and shaft and got about 9 months - I was told this was due to manufacturing grease/oils still in metals? Anyway I then applied some logic of my own - I use the floating dock at Westhaven every 6 months for a power wash and to check anodes etc. So why am I spending good money on something that will last longer? I now spend 10 to 15 minutes sanding the prop with 3 grades of wet & dry finishing with 600 grit and then apply lanolin grease. Brilliant! After 6 months lanolin still on prop
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