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  1. Crew available for coastal classic race - the boat I was heading up on is no longer going. 35yr old - Happy for any job on board - just keen to sail. Am a boat owner & skipper myself with plenty of harbour racing experience (although on a classic so it’s a bit more laid back ????). Offshore experience - three passages to the islands. Haven’t done a coastal since I was a kid so am keen as. Plenty of cruising exp also - have my Coastal Skipper cert. Have got a delivery back down the coast lined up but would rather not catch a bus up! Email me at james054@gmail.com. Not inter
  2. Hi Mark, Thanks for the info - would love to see some pics if you still have them around? The Tino Rawa trust currently owns her - part of a fleet down in the viaduct. Cheers James
  3. Hi Luke, The Classic Yacht Association has a bunch of races and events during the summer and are often looking for crew. Let me know if you are interested and I can give you some more details. Email me at yachtcaptain@classicyacht.org.nz Cheers James
  4. Looking for crew interested in a bit of casual racing this summer with the Classic Yacht Association. Yacht is a 33' 1922 Colin Wild 'Kotuku', berthed downtown. Pic attached. Harbour races and passage races , all on weekends. Calendar is located at http://classicyacht.org.nz/sailing/ Current crew are 30's, part of a good group of boats that head out reasonably regularly Let me know if interested and i can give you some more details. Cheers James
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