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  1. Ok, Let's see if I understand. So basically someone on board should be capable of sailing (my friend is getting his permission back home) and have a certificate(?) to use the radio on board. I checked the noonsite website and for moist places I mentioned they don't ask for much else than the visas and previous notice of arrival, things like that as you said too. We come from Uruguay, South America! Which type of craft you think would be optimal for this journey? We were thinking of a 12m long ship but again, we both are new at this so if you can provide some more insight I'll be exited t
  2. Hola black panther! Hablas español? We would be leaving from New Zealand or Australia. Then visit Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Cook Islands, maybe until Kiribati and then back through Australia (or NZ) and along Papua, Indonesia until the south east of Asia. Then the Mediterranean is a possibility but for now this is the plan. For what I've read about the International Certificate you only need it in Europe, maybe in the places were going to go now they require some other certificates? Are there any authorities I can refer to? Excuse me if my questions are too basic, I appreciate your help ver
  3. Hi, We are two friends planning to sail along the Pacific Ocean. Is a long journey and I hope this is the right place to ask questions. I would like to know first what kind of permits are we going to need for this type travel or where could we go to answer this type of questions. If anyone can give us a tip we would really appreciate it!
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