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  1. Hi All, being the one who put this post up, I want to thank you all for contributing - maybe slightly less if you answer was more relevant to another topic... I have not sailed in NZ before; mostly North Sea and Atlantic. And mostly 1/2-tonne, 1-tonne or big sturdy 50ft cruisers. In all you have reinforced my opinion about sailing that stretch of water in a small boat: It looks to be about 350Nm from Napier to Wellington by sea, so that is quite a stretch for a 1/4 tonner; Essentially there is no place to run or hide if the weather goes bad on that stretch; I have just bought that bo
  2. I am looking for a skipper who can deliver my Farr727 from Auckland to Wellington before end of January 2015. She is mainly laid out for dayracing, so only basics on board. Alignment on remuneration and costs. Depending on timing I may join a leg. Get in touch! See http://sailboatdata.com/viewrecord.asp?class_id=141
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