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    Anzac 200

    SO which SR's are coming to do the Anzac 200 that SSANZ is running. Motorboat is doing it and I think the Rattle n Rum is committed as well. going to be a great race, come and get amongst it. it will be a great way to start the 2 handed series. http://www.ssanz.co.nz/events/index.html?id=118
  2. of course nothing fits back on, it would be easy otherwise.

    rig set ups

    Hi David, have a look on the SR26 facebook page and you'll see lots of different photos. my rig has a huge amount of rack, but needs it for the balance. we change our tensions all the time depending on the breeze, mostly the side stays stay the same but we adjust the forestay across the range of 15 turns. Damon
  4. Most likely April or May next. the association is fairly loose. just post all your details here and we will see them. Damon - Motorboat
  5. from the SI's the time limit is 8pm on Sunday night, lets not even consider the shortened course for shorthaul. this series all about a challenge isn't it, not about whether you get a little bit tired because you had to sail through the night in light airs. To do 80 miles in 24 hours requires an average just over 3 knots. perfectly acceptable in 5-10 as predict wind is saying. and even then you finish at 9 in the morning, still another 11 hours before you hit the time limit. i'm just saying for the shorthaul - 35 hours is more than enough to do a 80 mile course.
  6. Motorboat isn't cat 3 yet, has been in the past though. I just had a look at the regs and galley facilities are only recommended for cat 3, not required. rule 16.11 - awesome.
  7. so who's going to do the coastal? Boo Boo and I are doing it 2 handed

    Code 0

    that's always the way!

    Code 0

    Mine is about 37-38 sqm i think and i certainly wouldn't want it any bigger. you power up really quickly, ours is probably only good til about 7-8 knots depending on the angle as we get too powered up.
  10. looks like there is going to be far to much wind - a good 2-4 knots for the whole race would suit me.
  11. Hi all, don't forget to turn on your trackers (we are guilty of not doing it last time as well) Info here http://www.predictwind.com/tracker Tip: If battery life is a problem try putting in a car windscreen mount stuck to inside of cabin window above chart table. Stays dry, gets signal and you can plug in Friends and family can track your progress here http://forecast.predictwind.com/tracking/race/ssanz have a good race all, see you at the dock afterwards for a couple of rums
  12. I completely agree wheels!
  13. You should see these new genny clips that i got for the motorboat, they are a bit big in that they appear to be off a 35 footer. i found them just lying in a locker attached to these strange ropes so naturally i cut them free and have given them a good home. but bullox aside - that sux Tom!
  14. here's the video of our first ssanz race that booboo has put together
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