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  1. from the SI's the time limit is 8pm on Sunday night, lets not even consider the shortened course for shorthaul. this series all about a challenge isn't it, not about whether you get a little bit tired because you had to sail through the night in light airs. To do 80 miles in 24 hours requires an average just over 3 knots. perfectly acceptable in 5-10 as predict wind is saying. and even then you finish at 9 in the morning, still another 11 hours before you hit the time limit. i'm just saying for the shorthaul - 35 hours is more than enough to do a 80 mile course.
  2. looks like there is going to be far to much wind - a good 2-4 knots for the whole race would suit me.
  3. I completely agree wheels!
  4. You should see these new genny clips that i got for the motorboat, they are a bit big in that they appear to be off a 35 footer. i found them just lying in a locker attached to these strange ropes so naturally i cut them free and have given them a good home. but bullox aside - that sux Tom!
  5. some people already use them in rum races, just most of us can't be arsed changing sails during a rum race as it takes up valuable rum drinking time.
  6. Hell yes, EPICNESS! Motorboat is definitely in for this. I have mentioned it before but BooBoo and I are doing the ssanz, coastal and then whatever this race was gonna be (I was hoping for 3 kings but that's another story) all 2 handed so each races builds on the last and it makes a much bigger program than just the ssanz. It would be great if there are other boats keen on the same thing (I think you mentioned you were keen sally?), we could make an unofficial series of it (unless ssanz wants to support it somehow???), entry fee = 2 bottles of rum per boat, winner takes all (but
  7. Cant wait for the SAS series, really looking forward to the challenge (as usual). great idea with the tickets and shirts.
  8. Yeah that one is confusing to me as well, I'm not sure what is going on there but at least we have some boats to race against now.
  9. Motorboat might be there now. Couldn't do this weekend but can hopefuly make it now the weekend has changed.
  10. Its also the loudest and most obnoxious boat stereo national championships as well, we must be one of the favourites to take that out.
  11. yeah I hear that, at least you guys have a good fleet and should have some great racing,
  12. So where are all the C and D division boats for the Auckland regatta, why is no one coming to play? Am I missing something?
  13. there are places with coverage like around castle point but most of it is fairly limited I think, of course that is based on our race 3 years ago so it may well have changed.
  14. agreed, or as I previously mentioned, join the ssanz committee and try and do a better job next time. Quit complaining, stop being a hater and whinging about what we haven't got, look at it from the other way i.e. what the ssanz committee has put together (and remembering they have volunteered their time for all of this) and its awesome. lets be a bit thankful instead eh.
  15. I would like to lodge a formal protest that this leg has not taken enough time, the boats haven't taken enough of a beating, they are finishing to close together and everyone got to go down wind. Please have the leg thrown out of the race. in other words - I am so dam jealous that I'm not doing this one!
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