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  1. Cool Video - does anyone have photos? Lots were taken but I haven't seen any as yet. cheers
  2. Chance to sail on a classic 22" mullet boat in the historic Lipton Cup race this Saturday. Must be experienced crew. 027 4827486
  3. Hi all, Looking for some keen experienced sailing people. Putting together a new crew for Mullet boat racing this summer. Will involve several Saturdays and of course the Grand Lipton Cup race next year. First race is this Saturday 05 November. If you want to race Lipton Cup next year be part of the crew now. Text 0274827486 Thank you
  4. Cut off time puts off more participation if the wind direction isn't right and you know you can't finish and you're a cruiser or smaller boat. 69 DNF's is really disappointing for the people that persisted to the finish.
  5. I have had a request from a couple sailing to Auckland for someone to drive their car from Russell to Auckland over the weekend so if you or your crew are looking for a ride back after the race this is perfect. Please text me on 027 482-7486 Ride has now gone. Thank you.
  6. It's working now. Download the update and track away.
  7. Hi everyone, We are looking for an experienced forward hand to race in the iconic Lipton Cup next weekend. Saturday 10 March. The Lipton Cup is raced on 22ft Mullet boats with a 22ft spinnakar pole and 800 sq ft kites so must be experienced forward hand and reasonably fit. Please let me know if you are interested asap.
  8. I need someone to drive my car back to on Saturday... Tania 021 281-9941
  9. Halcyondaz

    Car to Russell

    Yes - I want to drive up Saturday and sail back so I am happy to either take a car or have someone drive mine back. Either option works for me
  10. Halcyondaz

    90th Lipton Cup

    ohh great pics. We had a "shocker" on Martana after hitting the first mark...oh well. Looks like it will be our last Lipton Cup, Dad is selling the mullet boat in favour of his new toy.
  11. I met Bruce through Geo (Craig) the former part owner of Hardrive. Bruce always had a happy disposition and was always happy to chat to anyone. He was a regular face in the PCC and the Squadron over the years. He was a great sailor and friend to many and will be missed by the westhaven yachties.
  12. Ha - they'll cancel. But not before everyone gets down there and by then well you may as well stay for a drink
  13. We raced an upper harbour course today. The course said the 2nd mark was Meola reef (yellow bouy). All good, with the exception of the fact there is no longer a yellow bouy at Meola reef. Half the fleet raced around the White Bouy at Meola reef and half sailed around a Yellow Bouy around about Birkenhead Wharf (no it was not Pile). No alternative sailing instructions were issued to clarify the situation. Needless to say this resulted in some post race debate. Your thoughts?
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