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  1. I'm interested in how you solve the trailer folding. I am considering doing the same thing with my cat and have a few basic sketches. Ends up being pretty tall if you keep it all above the wheels but a lot simpler.
  2. Looks like I should be able to make it. It will be the first ever race for the little cat.
  3. I would like to keep my small catamaran up there for a week at the end of January if anyone knows of any moorings available? Thanks.
  4. Probably just means they wouldn't bother doing an underwater inspection is my guess.
  5. I just did new antifoul last week and was told by the hardstand staff that if I was going up north, I had to have proof that my boat had been antifouled in the past six months. The receipt for the paint and hardstand fees would be proof enough and should be kept on the boat.
  6. This sounds great. How soon til the NOR for race 1,2?
  7. I was a bit annoyed with the second day racing cancelled after paying to watch the event on AC+. But just got an email from Americas Cup offering a credit for the next event.
  8. They are great boats. Handle rough weather very well and easy to sail single handed. The fin keel versions are a a fair bit better than the bilge keeler option. You could live aboard but would be in a camping type of style no standing head room and no shower.
  9. White vinegar is really good for getting epoxy off skin, or anything else. I was amazed how well it works for something that is also used as food.
  10. Have used this for a 5.5m power boat before no trouble at all. Non members pay $5 for use and have to park on the road side. It is a nice ramp, we managed at or near low tide and of course very sheltered.
  11. The mast rotation problem could be the cause of the uneven port/starboard helm?
  12. Variant

    Electrical enigma

    Sounds like maybe your gauges are powered directly by the alternator. When the solar panel is working it is raising the sense voltage for your alternator's regulator, effectively shutting down the output of your alternator and there is no reverse path for current from batteries to the guages due to regulator? or diode?
  13. Thanks for the pics. Awesome!
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