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  1. 2016/17 Championship It's coming up fast! The dates for the Championship series have been set so put them in your diary. Dates of racing: Race Day 1: Monday October 31st 2016 Race Day 2: Monday November 14th 2016 Race Day 3: Monday November 28th 2016 Race Day 4: Monday December 12th 2016 Race Day 5: Monday February 13th 2017 Race Day 6: Monday February 27th 2017 Race Day 7 Monday March 13th 2017 Spare day Monday March 20th 2017 Collinson Series Short Course 27th March 2017 Collinson Series Long Course Saturday April 8th 2017. UPDATE! I have been "restructured" and it lo
  2. experienced crew available-most jobs , most boats ok! patch 0274 853 324
  3. Anyone need crew for this regatta? plenty of race experience on and offshore, 3 X BoISW on 45 footers. happy to help out with prep and recovery. txt or call patch on 0274 853 324 easiest contact
  4. my wife has plans for me to garden all day have mercy!! 0274 853 324 patch
  5. patch

    gold cup 2

    weather looks nice - anyone need crew.plenty of experience in anything mono, but last raced a cat in 1970! patch 0274 853 324
  6. experienced crew available, patch@hunterlaw.co.nz 0274 853 324
  7. anyone need experienced crew for this -sailed the series last few years on notorious/waikiwi but the former going shorthanded and latter sold, so looking for new vessel.0274853324 patch@hunterlaw.co.nz
  8. Notorious is having a rest and I'm getting bored on dry land though may get the cat out off waiheke this pm! would be keen to do auckland regatta if anyone short of crew. experienced from optis(very ancient history!) to 50Ft and sailed the last 4 or 5 BMW's. patch 0274 853 324
  9. i'd agree racing down the west coast /through cook st and even the east coast is one of the most in hospitable runs you could choose world wide and not really a weekend warrior thing at all. Those who want to see what happens when you try this should read 'a voyage of madmen' which details how many of the boats setting off to round the world back in the 60's just started falling apart withing days of the start. Anyone contemplating this route with less than cat 1/2 gear would need their heads read. yes you can always get lucky with weather windows but the on balance you are going somewhere wi
  10. i got one last year (trade me $800) to keep over at waiheke- sails fine with 2* 70-80kg adults or an adult + 2 smaller kids. the jib has no furler.the hulls/spars/sails were in stunning condition for a 20+ year old and the trailer was the main thing needing a bit of work. Main problem is getting launched without boat ramp from beach- the shape and weight don't lend themselves to short handed launching over soft sand. that said in summer there are usually willing hands on beach to shift it and I'm working on model #2 launching trolley for next year after destroying the #1 model on its maiden ou
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