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  1. Hi everyone I would like to hear your thoughts on Aquacote. Has anyone used it? The website looks great and the product specifications are impressive but would really like to hear from anyone who has tried this product. https://www.aqua-cote.co.nz/ Thanks Fiona
  2. hi there - I am hoping to be part of the Coastal Classic this year so writing here in the hope that someone will take me along. I am have some experience sailing with Ponsonby Cruising Club and Richmond and currently sail (when work doesn't get in the way) on Fast Company, a Ross 9.3. I consider myself a novice but can follow instructions, keep watch and keep calm when the going gets tough. I am often at Westhaven so if anyone thinks they may have a place for me please contact me on 021 246 0077. Thanks Fiona
  3. I would love to join you and your family but sadly will be working. If you are looking for crew on Fridays - in Auckland please do txt me 021 246 0077. Have a great trip - I hope the wind is perfect! Fiona
  4. Hi I am available most Fridays and saturdays to crew.I Live in Bayswater so can be available at short notice for sailing in the Gulf. I am new to sailing but can follow instructions..bring food....bring alcohol and contribute financially. Sense of humour is often evident. Just completed my level one so could be a bit useful on board. Day skipper course starts soon. SO ...if you need crew with limited experience please txt me 021 246 0077 Fiona
  5. Hi Nomos Thank you for posting this. I have recently completed my sailing lessons - Ponsonby Cruisng Club. I would love to come out on your boat and more than happy to contribute $25.00 Sadly I work a lot - but happily I am available most Fridays and Saturdays. My cell is 021 246 0077 - happy sailing Fiona
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