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  1. Sorry guys, we are full for this weekend. Cheers Ben
  2. yes welcome! just sent you a message Reina
  3. Hi everyone, I am looking for a crew member to sail with me from Tauranga to Gisborne in 2 weeks. The plan would be to leave Tauranga on the Friday for 20h to anchor at Whangaparaoa or Hicks bay depending of the conditions, and then 20h to Gisborne, probably to arrive on Monday. My yacht is a Beneteau Oceanis 350 in good condition and easy to sail short handed. I've just sailed her from Auckland and it was fantastic Flick me a message for more details. Cheers, Ben
  4. Yes, thanks Matt, that's what I thought for the legs down the east cost. And of course, I am open to stop and come back later if it's too uncertain.
  5. Thank you Matt. Yes, I know that it can be challenging, that's why I am looking for someone experienced in sailing around NZ.(compensation to negociate of course) I have some years of cruising experience in Europe, and went a couple of times in the sounds but it will be my first long trip here in NZ. My plan is to go to Wellington Chaffers, and I'd like to sail back asap. Waiting for the summer is not ideal for me. Cheers, Ben
  6. Hi all, I have got a yacht (Beneteau Oceanis 350), currently berth in westhaven and I need to sail back to Wellington where I live. Then I am looking for experienced crew and/or skipper to help me for this journey (probably around 5 days). I haven't planned yet when, depending on weather conditions, but ideally one week in August or September. I know, that's not the best period Don't hesitate to flick me a message for further details, conditions, or to tell me if you are interrested and your availabilities. Cheers Ben
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