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  1. Hi all Wondering if anyone has knowledge of Lake Pearson in the SI? It is on the eastern side of the divide as you head toward Arthur's Pass. Looked like it could be ok for a trailer yacht for a weekend?
  2. Thanks for all the info and replies. I found that the dome was cracked around the base where it sits in the housing. I couldn't see how It came out and eventually decided it was glued there. I may try to glue it again but it's pretty old. May have to splash out.
  3. My compass is liquid filled (are they all?) and it has leaked out. It has a strange, camphor-like smell. does anyone know what these are filled with? It is an old Plastimo compass.
  4. Pugwash

    Altex paint

    So I decided to paint my rudder. I went to the local boat shop, took their advice and bought some a Altex primer/undercoat and topcoat, single pack. Easy! I couldn't get a decent finish with the primer and had to do a lot of sanding/recoating/sanding before I was satisfied but I thought that was ok, it's the primer. When I came to put on the topcoat, it was the same story. I tried, brush, roller, roll and tip, I just couldn't get a decent finish. I have brush marks, patches where the paint hasn't blended together proberly, blue specks, which I assume are bits of the pigment, even though I s
  5. Thanks for the replies everyone. I think I'll try a small section and see how it goes.
  6. Hi Guys & Gals My trailer yacht interior is covered in some kind of fabric which is looking very shoddy. I'd like to remove it and paint the interior surface. It's a GRP hull. I was thinking of a primer such as the Zinser 123. I've used that on some dark stained beams in a house and found it great for covering and as a primer. Any thoughts/advice on the paint to use? I was wondering about using a household paint as it's the interior of a trailer yacht.
  7. OMG! and other things. What a beauty. The link doesn't work
  8. Please forgive my ignorance KM. What would be the drawbacks of using a shackle in this situation? I'm not trying to be a smartass, it's a genuine question.
  9. OMG! Why didn't you just build a new boat?
  10. Congrats. Nice looking boat.
  11. It's great that you have a supportive partner, well done to both of you . It's not easy staying friends and remaining supportive when you're working long hours. Make sure you take some time out away from the project so you don't suffer a burnout. Remember, even though you're young, your efficiency will drop as you get more tired. You could be working 18 hour days but only achieving what you would in 12 hours with more rest and relaxation. Believe me, I've been there, more than once or twice. Anyway, enough preaching from me, we don't even know each other. Good luck with the project, I thin
  12. I wish I could find both of us a boat.
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