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  1. Yes it would be siting on the base material wich would be full sealed to the deck reason is the under side of these tracks has two 5 mill wide areas to touch the deck an room for seal in the middle So was trying to make it better , thanks for you thoughts

  2. Need some more brains please I am solid blocking between deck beams to re seal the Genoa tracks back in place on good timber decks , I see under the track 32 mill there isn’t much bearing face on the deck , being the rebated std track so I was thinking of a 32x3 mill alloy strap central under and sealed to the deck first full length then the track on top bolted through , I know timber is an option as a packer but thought alloy would be better

  3. Always wondered when I see ships anchored out side out place or off rangi what are they carrying , what’s under them that’s introducing its self to nz , I wonder if the authority’s dive the anchoring zone of rangi and see what’s growing there from the ships .

  4. Hi I got one of these and very yes flimsy ,so I cut the rizer to the handle off cause it quite tough , and went of to alloy place in silver dale picked a length of 40 mill tube , did some cutting in the shed ,vcut the wheel off on there axle and the hull supports, went to a guy in silver dale to weld up $70.00 later I hade the boat on , perfect and strong give it a try

  5. I hade the baileys phone call one night asking the age of the boat , as they won’t insure my boat if it was 40 years , I have been with them 24 years , but it was built in the late 80s , you kinda feel , thanks for being with us now f, o your to old even as I maintain to the full and some ,

  6. Yes my 25 llb plough is great and trustworthy, the rocna has a unique edge on the bottom of the shaft if you study it when it rides up in the paw it elevates , then when let loose it slides off with out any assistance to a point where it tips off the boat So when the chain is released the anchor is off it was that I was interested in where’s the plough on my boat you have to give it a shove The comments are all interesting even from the designer

  7. Been a plough man all my years with out any issues , but with a furler and fitting a anchor winch I see the plough will damage on its way over the deck , I watched a rocna winch home very neat up over the paw under the furler and with no effort , will be wanting 10 kg size , any issues found with these , seam very light compared to the plough,

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