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  1. Myjane

    Deck non skid

    Hi I took tred grip to resenes last week and they don't know it , color plus Auckland has it in store thanks
  2. Myjane

    Deck non skid

    Color plus Auckland ,ask for tred grip they will put onto the guy in the store , mat , ask for a quote per ltr he couriers next day if they. Don't have the shade you want , in my case a light grey , don't take it to resene they said it's a sackable offence to tint other paint , don't know why I don't work there , but had it tinted there before , get it tinted and in you go ,I put three coats on 17 years ago , thick , and it's still there needing a freshen up Alls good
  3. Myjane

    Alado furler

    With the Alado furler my existing jib is Hank to wire fix ,, the foot is down on deck say 6 inches above will I need the foot trimmed to compansate the drum , I see guys are using kiwi slide replace Hank's then will one if leaving on full time need the cover strip a fixed to the gib , or some just take it off and bag it thanks
  4. Well 17 years ago ados made a product called deck tred , water based ,thick , rubber based good stuff priced right , today 17 years later my decks need a freshen up , ados stopped making the product , so left my in deep water , I did not want to remove the old paint as it had not peeled , just looked faded , tired , I looked into the other art brush type non skids , and they go flat after a time , and I don't think in 30 knots at 25 deg heal they would hold you to the deck doing sail change , so after some weeks of search I found tred grip , a&ni coatings or colorplus direct Penrose , ,,br
  5. Dead right the computer comes before sport in some lives
  6. Sabre 30 . 39 k I will take it , beauty full boats wich is twice a lotus 9.2 at asking 50 k NZ that's good buying , grab it ,,,,,,,
  7. Well . I see it this way , I have owned yachts for nearly 45 years of different makes , I have watched makes I would love to own , but could no afford them , Chico, cav , Stewart , etc all were up in the $40 s to 50 ish back then , I remember I was paying $115 a month marina , now the Marina is $560 a month, those boats are , Chico , start at $20 k , the cav , $20 k the Stewart , now is from $35 k up . I have the best boat for me at 60 years now ,I have put thousands of hours into making it perfect , where i can with my hands , and I love ever minuite of it and using it ,,but it's harder
  8. Myjane

    Alado furler

    Thankyou I will call
  9. Myjane

    Alado furler

    Hi iam at gulfharbour may I see it some time. Thanks , I can't work out how one tensions the halyard , I see it goes over the top of the furler head then where ,
  10. Myjane

    Alado furler

    Any body tried the Alado furler advertised on trade me , self fitting , easy to do ,sounds good $1500 od
  11. Hi any body have a good cradle for a 10 mtr yacht , Auckland area thanks
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