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  1. The correct sanitary pipes are a must I have learned the hard way as some will still , the clear pipe will start inverting or sucking inwards after a few weeks I found the clips bit into the plastic , and bends were not even , buy the real stuff ,

  2. Crazyhorse crc don’t make it , they used to do a griptred some years ago but rules and safety crap stoped them. The product is tredgrip rubberised non slip coating from A&I coatings I have a gallon here as back up , just clean off roll three coats on , drys fast so you can do two in a day I will try to send a pic


  3. I used a&1 coatings tredgrip , made in Aussie and looks good lasts years the ,the last

    Paint was griptred from crc , lasted 17 years So the closed I cou,d find was the trendgrip , been on 2 years now and looks like yesterday was layed , water base Not mush preparation needed except a good wash Way you go Cheep used on tennis courts , steps , and non skid areas touch , 12 colours or tint your own ,

  4. Your thinned expoxie is the best deal and hell out of the area. Fashion a new breast hook and glue it down with the same expoxie and a little powder to hold in in place glue and screw clean up .

  5. Ever dure is a waist of time it’s changed from what it was , so thin your own resin very thin and saturate the hole area a couple of times , keep pouring it in till it won’t take any more and reuse with ply and do the same and glass over ,

  6. With there keel config and mast head rig is a hard one , maby the first thing to do is up the boom length and cut down the jibs to just over lap the mast a foot or two , the main is the thing to work on with these boats Generating power , it’s a head sail power boat , main stable , , a fully battened , tension batton , roach main would help with a wide headboard , my boat was same large over lap headsails, on a fractional rig , I started with a new main and generated speed and all the jibs just lap the mast , totally different boat very quick in a blow and in 5 kts just heal it and off it goes ,I can do 7s in 18 knots hard on But down wind is a sacrifice depending how well you set the gear, but the big main comes into play , the cav has a full body so maby hard to crank up

  7. We have a very good freezer, in fact to good , so she found a chunk of polystyrene layed over the frozen stuff leaves the top half for the fridge area. Works well ,but if you have a enough room you can fit a door on the side of the freezer box leaving a thin layer of the freezer wall between to to the cooling and that works. But finding a fridge door. ,or having one made is an issue

  8. What about a cracked liner let’s oil into the sump I had a Bukh 20 in a townson That used to lock up sometimes on start up , took the head off Mew casket planed the head ,all back together A week later same prob . Sold the boat problem gone ,

  9. The two main designers here that had supplied sailors and launch types in this country , and take a walk down most marinas you will see there boats are Wright and Pelin not for getting some others , young but production was minimal and these boats are holding up well today

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